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Toronto Coach Terminal - don't use the lockers!

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Toronto Coach Terminal - don't use the lockers!

I had a dreadful experience at the station yesterday, and I want to share so no one else experiences this. Just in short DON'T USE THE LUGGAGE LOCKERS.

I went to the station at 7 am yesterday morning and paid $5 to stow my suitcase in one of those 24hour lockers. I returned at 2:00 that afternoon and tried to open my locker, only to find that the lock had been sealed over and the key wouldn't go in. One of the employees called the security guard to come and 'help' me and he took about 15 minutes just to show up. Upon arriving, he took one look at my locker and said it had been sealed because I had overstayed the 24 hour limit and that I'd have to come back another day to talk with his supervisor if I wanted my luggage back. I was increduclous since I had only put the bag in THAT morning...and extremely stressed since all my belongings were in it and I was leaving the city that afternoon (and the country in two days).

The guard was unmoved by my explanation and told me that he couldn't do anything to help me get my bag back. I then pointed at the security camera and begged him to look at the footage to prove I had only put in my bag that morning. But nope, apparently he couldn't do that either. I started to get emotional and he said that MAYBE he could get authorization to help me if I paid HIM the overdue fee for two days - and it would be expensive, he warned. When this didn't have the desired effect on me, he said that maybe - just maybe - he could help, but only if I was able to identify ALL the people who were working at the ticket desks that morning when I 'supposedly' picked up my ticket (it was 7am, I was rushing to an exam, and of course I hadn't taken note of every single employee working there). Well, he said, looks like I wouldn't be getting my bag back unless I wanted to re-consider paying that overdue fee. Sorry.

I was finally able to find the printing time and date on my ticket, which proved I had been at the station that morning and that day at 7am. The guard looked at it disdainfully, disappeared into the back for another 20 minutes to 'get clearance,' and then came out with a janitor, unlocked the locker in less than a minute, and gave me back my bag with 5 minutes to spare before my bus left.

Apparently it wasn't difficult or time-consuming at all to open my locker, nor was the guard 'unauthorized' to do such a thing. Looks like he was just trying to give me a hard time and maybe hoping for a bribe along the way?

Anyways, moral of the story: DO NOT USE THE LUGGAGE LOCKERS THERE.

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1. Re: Toronto Coach Terminal - don't use the lockers!

Did you report this to the management of the coach terminal? It is owned by the TTC.

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2. Re: Toronto Coach Terminal - don't use the lockers!

Wow, this is a horrific story. It sounds like some type of money grab but some of these people.

I would certainly report this as mentioned.

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3. Re: Toronto Coach Terminal - don't use the lockers!

That is a terrible story. I sincerely hope you will email or call the Coach terminal and ask for the manager and relay these events. Unless they are told of such goings on, they may not have any idea about it.

Best wishes.

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4. Re: Toronto Coach Terminal - don't use the lockers!

I have used the bus terminal lockers several times without incident but was warned by a guard not to use the ones nearest the ticket machine. They seem vulnerable to break-in.

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5. Re: Toronto Coach Terminal - don't use the lockers!

That's a horrible story! You should definitely contact the TTC or the management of the Toronto Coach Terminal. Do you recall the name of the security guard or could you provide a description?

West Grey, Canada
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6. Re: Toronto Coach Terminal - don't use the lockers!

Hi Gary;

The OP made created this thread in January and never returned to the forum. It appears that she never returned to TA at all.

Best Regards

Edited: 5 years ago
Callao, Peru
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7. Re: Toronto Coach Terminal - don't use the lockers!

Hello friends,

Has anyone used these lockers lately? I am considering leaving my luggage here to spend the day at the Niagara Falls.

Regards and thanks in advance,


8. Re: Toronto Coach Terminal - don't use the lockers!

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