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What if you have a Felony???

Harlem NYC
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What if you have a Felony???


is there anything special you might have to do if you have a felony? will this stop you from getting through customs?

Lockport, NY
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21. Re: What if you have a Felony???

Who is missing the point? I told him to contact his probation officer. And said what would happen if went without permission. And as far as going into another country, most countries will not allow people with felony arrests into the country (Canada and most European countries).

Harlem NYC
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22. Re: What if you have a Felony???

harshness doesnt bother me, just dont cross the line!!!!

i spoke with the P.O. and he will look into it. I also tried calling the consulate and got no answer. The conviction is not violent andi have to have a little faith. I have been on supervision as they call it for a year and a half. I think i should be fine as long as i get the right paperwork. ( crossing my fingers)

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23. Re: What if you have a Felony???

This is why I lecture my 21 & 18 yr old all the time! Stay out of trouble, it will haunt you forever and come back to bite you in the a#@.

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24. Re: What if you have a Felony???

a felony does not stop you from entering mexico. my boyfriend and i just returned crom cancun. he has a felony due to a very stupid thing he did about 18 years ago. there are no questions asked at customs; etc. we knew we could not go to canada so before booking the trip to mexico we did the research. not 1 thing came up about it! go and have fun!!

toms river nj
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25. Re: What if you have a Felony???

The phone number to the U.S. Consular in Cancun is


Consular Agent: Lynnette Belt

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26. Re: What if you have a Felony???

Make sure you dont commit an more crimes while in Mexico. The police are as corrupt has hell down there. If you do something stupid you'll have to pay a fortune to get out of their pokey. My friend's little teenage brother was offered pot by a local while in Cancun and the next thing you know the police arrested him. It took his parents $7k to spring his butt from prison. The police down there work with locals to set up naive Americans.

Cancun, Mexico
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27. Re: What if you have a Felony???

And how much would it have cost to get the kid out in the States? "Entrapment" is an accepted law enforcement tool in Mexico--as it was in the States until relatively recently when the rights of criminals started taking precedence over the rights of society in general. JMHO. Don't expect to get away with anything in Mexico that you can't get away with at home--and don't blame getting arrested for trying to buy an illegal drug on corruption.

In a Little Cafe...
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28. Re: What if you have a Felony???

Good stuff there Jim.

This pervasive notion of many that because some Mexican

police are corrupt (as are "some" police in all countries)

makes all Mexican Police corrupt is nonsensical. The poor

American lured into buyng pot could have easily stated,

rather emphatically, no. Thus saving him/herself and family

an arrest, financial damages and the aggravation. Blaming

the Mexican Police for ones illegal activity upon arrest is

ridiculous. This even taking into context that the story is

true as told and one sided.

Some folks out there, don't quite seem to understand that

the laws of Mexico and their enforcement can be quite

different than in the US and perhaps this is where many of

the misconceptions come into play. Mexican drug laws have

little discretion between distribution and posession. Mexican

law has an automatic 72 hour right of police detention.

Mexican Law presumes guilt before innocence. Mexican Law

doesn't presume "no fault" in automobile accidents. At fault

car accidents in Mexico are considered felonies and the

at fault party is generally required to make "whole" the

injured party before full release by authorities. (think about

this one when renting a car). If you're sick or injured in

Mexico, as a foreigner, you will be expected to pay for

services at a hospital or clinic before being allowed to leave

the country, sometimes even before medical treatment.

As to our thread starter and his felony probation. The felony

conviction and/or probation will present little difficulty in

most cases of entering Mexico. However, as previously

mentioned, he darn well better get some form of written

probationary court approval from the US or State of

jurisdiction over him before leaving the US. In instances,

of Mexican oversight, a "moral statement and certification"

may be required through a Mexican Consulate before being

allowed into Mexico though this is usually applied for as part

of foreign residency.