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Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

Anyone up to date on the possible tropical disturbance next week? See article. Any other reputable sites reporting the same?

We will be in PDC next week, June 11-16 and considering adjusting our dates if we can, due to this. We don’t want to panic right now but don’t want to waste our money and vacation time sitting inside due to storms. This seems like more than afternoon storms from heat and humidity as most forecasts show 100% storms wed and thurs next week. Thanks!


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Texas Gulf Coast...
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1. Re: Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

#1) I would caution you to quit checking weather reports, you will absolutely drive yourself nuts by doing so; #2) take plenty of sunscreen and apply liberally, frequently; #3) you are headed to the tropics and it is rainy season, so you can expect some rain somewhere in the general area. That does not mean that it will rain all day everywhere; #4) there is no mention on local weather forecasts along the Texas Gulf Coast of anything tropical brewing in the Gulf of Mexico for the coming week, they do talk about typical late afternoon stray showers for the end of next week into the weekend.

The National Hurricane Center does not show any disturbances for the Atlantic Basin in the next 5 days.

Repeat point #1 above and breathe deeply as pack your bags. Safe travels.


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Orange County...
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2. Re: Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

There is mention of a tropical storm brewing at the end of this week and I don’t blame you for being concerned. Doesn’t seem like there’s enough info at this time to make a determination, hopefully you can watch the forecasts for a couple of more days.

Colo Spgs
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3. Re: Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

How do you decide? The National Hurricane Center is not showing anything for at least two days.

If something forms by about Wednesday, would it take several days to impact the Cancun area?

Since you are leaving tomorrow, it may impact one or two days...if anything happens. Frankly, I would not let "maybes" change my plans.

A weather map/chart showing what they are seeing would help.

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Texas Gulf Coast...
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4. Re: Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

Blossom, IDK where you are getting your information from. My source is the (US) National Hurricane Center. Here is their website:


It says for the Northern Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico that Tropical storm development is not expected for the next five days.

Living along the Texas Gulf Coast, I trust this website and accuracy of forecast much more than any other source you'll find on the internet.

To the OP, please ignore whatever weather sources you are looking at and driving yourself crazy in doing so. Pack your bags, lots of sunscreen, and plan on a wonderful vacation. Safe travels.


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5. Re: Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

At this time of year, the ONLY weather forecast that I pay attention to is the National Hurricane Center one. ALL the others give typical tropical weather forecasts for this time of year, which is pretty much at least a chance of rain every day.

Remember, even a high chance of rain doesn't mean rain ALL day, every day. On one of my trips, the forecast was 80% or 90% chance of rain every day. What we got was very hot and very sunny most of the time with a 30 second sprinkle one day (not even enough to scare people off the beach) and about 3 minutes of quite heavy rain the next (most people just retreated under palapas for a few minutes).

Although it's not the usual weather pattern, if a particularly large or slow moving weather system is affecting the area, it is possible to have several days of constant rain. I would stress that this isn't usual but it does happen. At the risk of stating the obvious, the longer your stay, the more chance there is that you will see both rain and sun but the less likely it is that your entire trip will be a washout.

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6. Re: Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

I think a lot of these for-profit commercial weather sites put this stuff out there as click-bait to generate more ad revenue. Just stick with the US National Hurricane Center if you want it straight...

Texas Gulf Coast...
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7. Re: Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

Very well said.

And it IS the Tropics. So I guess anything is *possible* during hurricane / rainy season.


St. Louis, MO
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8. Re: Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

We lived in Florida for 17 years and I do realize summer tropical patterns do mean showers and thunderstorms popping up in different areas on and off in summer and early fall. The later it gets into summer, in Florida at least, the more frequent the rain becomes. Often you will see several bouts of moderate to very heavy showers from afternoon into early evening as compared to maybe one bout early in the summer. In years past I haven’t seen such a steady-looking, rain forecast for every hour like I have for this time. In June in years past it has always shown a rain and thunderstorm icon every day. That has never worried me and I have advised others not to worry. Trying to look on the bright side and hoping for the best, but here I was so happy that the tropical storm that moved through about two weeks ago would be past by the time we planned to be there. Well, what will be will be. Thanks to those of you that offered a little bit of a pep talk!

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Winnipeg, Canada
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9. Re: Tropical Storm Possible Next Week in Gulf

This makes me nervous, I have travelled in June many times and not had bad weather.

I am okay with rain, but the thought of a tropical storm or hurricane really scares me.

I have never worried about the weather before, so this is interesting to me. Not sure what to think/do.

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