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Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

Mazatlan, Mexico
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Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

We start tomorrow! I don't know exactly how many volunteers will show (One of the quirks of a volunteer group) but we are off an running. This is a group of Canadians and Americans who live in, and love, Mazatlan. We are tired of the negative publicity, but can't stop it. What we CAN do is get out there and meet with the tourists to let them know they are appreciated and that we volunteers, the City Police, the Tourist Police, the State Police, the Federal Police, the Army and the Navy, are watching out for them.

I had meetings today with the State Tourist Bureau and they are behind us 100% and we are co-ordination our program and theirs to make them mesh together effectively. They are printing maps that we can use. Turns out they were thinking the same thing I was and the maps will have a suggested walking route.

Then at 4 p.m. I had a meeting with the Director of the port of Mazatlan. He also is behind us 100% AND he wants us to put volunteers not inside the gate of the port, but AT THE GANGWAY where passengers disembark! We will be the first thing they see in Mazatlan! He is giving us a limited number of credentials for entry into the port. Amazing.

We don't yet have our T-shirts saying Mazatlan Tourist Aide, but we do have purple banners with a question mark on it and Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteer. We will be patroling the streets (Just downtown to begin with) and have a table in Plaza Machado, on the Malecon in Olas Altas and later mor farther up towad the Gold Zone. We will have maps and answers. If you see us, stop by and say "I heard about you on Trip Advisor'.

So tomorrow, it begins!

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Zihuatanejo, Mexico
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1. Re: Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

I met the Director of the Port of Mazatlan last week...and I was telling him about you and your group and how it might help some of the cruise ship people. He was excited about all of this...so glad that it is working out so well.

Denver, CO
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2. Re: Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

Thanks Roger. This is a great thing you and your volunteers are doing.

Lake Minnewawa, mn
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3. Re: Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers


It is just awesome that you have this up and running in such a short time.

You have obviously been very busy


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4. Re: Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

This sounds like a great idea! I wish the media would report on this stuff and not always the more negative events.


Seattle Wa
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5. Re: Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

Nice job Roger, you really have been busy to get this plan implemented in such a short time. Wish we were able to move down this year and we could help, we will be moving down next Oct for 7 months and if the volunteer program is still up and running count us in.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

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6. Re: Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

I want my T-shirt!!!

But i'm not there!!!!

Great job!


Houston, Texas
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7. Re: Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

falconroger, I applaud you for your efforts! Thank you for all your hard work.

Los Angeles...
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8. Re: Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

Ditto that, and I'd like a T-shirt, too; would give some time if I were there, will have to wait! :)

But not for very long, hint, hint....

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Mazatlan, Mexico
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9. Re: Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

Thanks for all the kind comments. I, and the rest of our volunteers, just really love Mazatlan and want tourists to get a more balanced view of what it is like. No, we don't wear billet proog serapes. No, we don't ride armor plated burrows. Mazatlan is quite safe for tourists. (Not safe for drud dealers) Below is a report on day one.

It went pretty well today, considering only 5 people showed up this morning. My biggest problem was no one showed up with a car, so I had to take a couple folks to Plaza Machado with a table and chairs, back to the office for a couple of folks and more chairs and deliver them to the Malecon in Olas Altas, then back to the office for some last min. details, then at the end, go pick up the tables and chairs. But all in all it went well.

The Tourist Police were (Like me and Roy on his Harley) everywhere! We waved at each other all day. They know what we are doing and are very supportive. In fact, one of them on an ATV Quad drove up to our volunteers on Olas Altas, got off his Quad, walked over and told them how much Mazatlan and he appreciate what we are doing. His name is Clemente and he gave us his cell number in case we see any problems! The response has been very positive so far. I had one ‘Special’ person that thought when I drove up next to them on Carnaval that I must be selling something. Guess he didn’t do well in school or simply did not read the banner on my door that said Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteer. That is bound to happen from time to time. I had made a U turn because I had seen them asking a lady sweeping the street something and was not sure they got good directions or understood what she said. No problems though. At least for me. (He may still be trying to find the Cathedral)

And a further note, if you come in on a cruise ship from now on, the first thing you will see, BEFORE you get on the tram at the base of the gangway, is volunteers from MTA. We were not only supported by the head of the Port Authority, Senior Gil Diaz, we were saked to put volunteers right at the gangways! That is quite an honor. It is because we are NOT a commercial business. We are all American and Canadian ex-pat's who live in Mazatlan and want you to have as much fun and fond memories as we do! If you see someone in a purple shirt with a question mark on it and the words 'Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteer', say 'HI!! Saw you on Trip Advisor.'

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Saskatchewan, Canada
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10. Re: Mazatlan Tourist Aide....Volunteers

We arrive on the Carnival Splendor woith aour family on Feb 24 in Mazatlan, this is great to know we want to find a beach for the afternoon but weren't sure how to do this we will look for your volunteers for directions. Awesome!!

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