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Do you know Abraham González International Airport?

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Do you know Abraham González International Airport?

My girlfriend for some reason booked us two tickets from Abraham González International Airport.

We are crossing the border from the USA to Juarez and then going straight to the airport. She is scared to go thru a Mexican checkpoint. I told I read it was not that bad. But, she remains unconvinced.

Are there any Mexican checkpoints from the Juarez USA border crossing to the airport? Any help much appreciated. Tripadvisor is the best.

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1. Re: Do you know Abraham González International Airport?

My wife and I flew from Juarez to Ixtapa in December, 2017 and we didn't have any problems at all.

I am posting this information because there was none available when we planned this trip and I hope it helps others.

We booked a fishing trip to Bahia La Tortuga in Puerto Vicente, Guerrero and when I started booking flights Momondo suggested looking at lower fares in Juarez. We paid $218 a piece round trip from Juarez to Ixtapa with a 2 hour layover in Mexico City each way. The same tickets from El Paso were over $600 (I looked for airfare for 2 years and the cheapest flight I found was a non stop flight from Houston for a little over $400...so we save $364 and either a flight to Houston or a 9 hour drive each way). I have since tracked flights from Juarez to Cancun and Mexico City and it is possible to fly to either for less than $200 RT almost anytime you want to go and it is possible, with some planning and flexibility, to do either for less than $100! The same flights from El Paso are 2-8 times more expensive.

There are several options for getting from El Paso (the US Border) and the airport in Juarez. The general consensus seems to be to park in El Paso and walk across the border and take a taxi. Uber also operates in Juarez. There are also bus options including Grey Hound and andeleride (?). It depends on your comfort level with taxis / uber etc in a foreign country. Juarez is as safe as any large city if you are simply visiting...if you are going for nefarious activities, which are apparently abundant in Juarez, the level of safety is far lower...but simply going to dinner and shopping Juarez is perfectly safe.

We decided the easiest way for us to get to the airport was to drive. We bought Mexican insurance (about $50) but I am told by many people in New Mexico that this isn't necessary. We also drove a 1998 Tahoe which is worth about $1500. I wouldn't hesitate to drive our new Sequoia now after having done it the first time but we figured if our car was stolen or wrecked in Mexico we wouldn't have lost much and it would make for a good story! We had no incidents whatsoever....Juarez is simply a HUGE city and thus a little unnerving initially. There is no reason to hesitate to drive any vehicle to Juarez.

We crossed the border southbound about 10 PM. We weren't stopped at all. We spent the night at the Krystal Uban Motel....plenty adequate....basically a business motel. Free parking while registered. Our flight left at 6 am so we didn't spend much time in the room but we were unsure of how long it might take to get across the border. It can take much longer I am told.

We parked our car at the airport. There is supposed to be some cheaper parking nearby but we were running late and couldn't find anything else. The airport is in an industrial park and there was no apparent parking nearby. It cost us $12 a day US but has to be paid prior to leaving, in the airport terminal, in Pesos or by credit / debit card. We had bought some Pesos from our bank and made certain we had enough left over to pay for parking because we have had many instances of having credit cards and debit cards shot down while in foreign countries even after notifying the bank of our travel plans. Better safe than sorry.

The airport in Juarez has customs officials and they will check your ID just prior to security. If you have a US passport they will issue you the travel visa that allows you to venture beyond the 25 KM "free zone". This is information I couldn't get prior to our trip. There is supposed to be a charge for this (about $40 US I think) but no one seemed to know how we were supposed to pay. I have been told that the airline pays for this and that makes sense if you are leaving from an airport outside of Mexico but it seems wrong when leaving on a domestic flight. This visa can also be picked up at the border if you walk across, supposedly. I was told that you had to pay for the visa at a Mexican bank but the lodge owner, a US Citizen who flies regularly to Ixtapa from Matamores Mexico, told us this wasn't necessary. This visa was checked when we landed, when we left Ixtapa and when we arrived back in Juarez and we were never asked about paying so apparently it was paid for but I don't know how.

We landed back in Juarez at midnight. We were checked by immigration (they are waiting at the gate and check passports...US Passports require the visa). They stamped our passports (a novelty this day and age). We paid for our parking, got to our car and the battery was dead! I had left the dome light on apparently. We asked a man in the parking lot if he could jump us off (we speak almost no Spanish) which he did very graciously (we had cables) and we left for the border. We crossed about 1 AM with about a 10-15 minute wait at the border. This wait can be HORRENDOUS from what I am told.

I wouldn't hesitate to fly from Juarez again. After the initial nerves of driving in Mexico and trying to read road signs we got along just fine. We saved about $4-500 by flying from Juarez and have a story to boot!

The vehicle we drove is my hunting truck. I went through it with a fine tooth comb before leaving to make certain there weren't any stray shells that would cause us any problems. I don't know for certain but I am told that a stray shell or cartridge or even a knife can be a very serious crime in Mexico.

if you live anywhere near the Mexico border and are planning to fly to Cancun or another resort area or Mexico City look at airports in border towns. It is a domestic flight and it is FAR cheaper than flying from the states...even with insurance and parking. We wouldn't think twice about doing it again.

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2. Re: Do you know Abraham González International Airport?

All you have is, Mexican customs at the border.


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3. Re: Do you know Abraham González International Airport?

There is no reason to fear going through a Mexican checkpoint. You won't go through one anyway. As per the prior responder you will go through customs going into Mexico. Whether you walk or drive. There is nothing to fear of customs.

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4. Re: Do you know Abraham González International Airport?

This is most likely to late for you but in case someone else reads this. There is only one and that is when you cross the border. Most check points after the border are 30KM from the border. The airport is not that far. Just remember to have your passport and airline tickets. You may get stopped at the border by the Mexican Customs. At first it may seem scary because they carry guns. Don't be scared, just be polite and tell them you are going to the airport. They may or may not search you. You might think about getting Mexican Auto Insurance or just park on the US side and take a taxi. Hope your trip went well.

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