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Getting a little a dusty in here

Dallas, TX
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Getting a little a dusty in here

Gosh darn it...I’ve been periodically tracking the Sahara dust since March and up until about one week ago, the dust was coming across the Atlantic well south of the VIs. But don’t you know it, a few days before I arrive, that dust train took a hard right and blanketed the region with some sandy particulates. Basically, gets hot in Africa, hot air rises, takes some of the sand with it, blows across the Atlantic in the jet stream. Makes the sky look like you've had one too many Painkillers.

Anyway, here is site that I like to use to track Dust for those interested:


Hit the play button. Locate Puerto Rico and then look for the two dots to the right of it. They look like a colon, the grammatical one for those of you that just spit out your coffee. That’s the VIs. The dust tracker predicts the next 5 days with, based on my experience, decent accuracy. Look for the numbers within the brown dust cloud closes to the VIs. If it’s under 10, you’re probably not going to notice. Over 10, you probably will. And if it’s over like 25 or 30, welcome to LA.

That said, it changes all the time. Could be blue skies in the morning, hazy in the afternoon. It’s not worth stressing about. You could learn a lot from a Dummy...don't be like me :)

Anyway, what I usually hope for in June is some intermittent blue sky days. If on the dust tracker, you notice the VIs are all blue for an extended period of time, that’s when you head to your favorite beach and take your Christmas card pic.

Not all bad...it makes for some nice looking sunsets and "supposedly" the dust keeps the water temps down and thwarts hurricanes from forming or strengthening...though if you're on STJ in the next couple of month, I'd rec keeping that fun fact to yourself. Too soon.

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1. Re: Getting a little a dusty in here

I saw this on News of St. John earlier this week. We are arriving 6/17 and hope it isn't too noticeable. Nothing anyone can do about it anyway so no reason to worry :)

Have a good trip as well!

Dallas, TX
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2. Re: Getting a little a dusty in here

First world problems to be sure...a good trip to you as well, 850.

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3. Re: Getting a little a dusty in here

Still laughing over the colon comment. I have just completed a list of villas for the family to choose from for next April so my mind is very much on St. John. Have a great trip.

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4. Re: Getting a little a dusty in here

April is my favorite month on STJ.

Springfield, VA
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5. Re: Getting a little a dusty in here

There's a correlation with the Sahara dust and hurricanes, I believe more dust = less chance of another smack down...

Austin, TX
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6. Re: Getting a little a dusty in here

I thought your title was regarding Anthony Bourdain :(

I was hoping he would do an episode in the VI and PR following the storms.

RIP Tony

Charleston, South...
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7. Re: Getting a little a dusty in here

Definitely a bit hazy yesterday and looks like more of same today but looks like dust might be clearing out tomorrow! Still gorgeous weather even so and the water is heavenly. Thanks for posting the dust tracker link. Interesting to follow

St Thomas
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8. Re: Getting a little a dusty in here

The last several days have been quite nasty and this is supposed to continue on for another week with maybe a temporary break of a couple of days tomorrow and Friday. It'll pass. Many scientists do think that the dust gives hurricanes less chance of developing.

Long Valley, New...
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9. Re: Getting a little a dusty in here

Update this morning.....


Ashburn, Virginia
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10. Re: Getting a little a dusty in here

We always go around this time of year, which usually means the dust is visiting too. I can honestly say it never bothered us, and perhaps that is why we usually get amazing sunsets. I'll take the dust over major rain any day!

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