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Beaches Resort -Tipping

Baltimore, MD
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Beaches Resort -Tipping

I have been reading about tipping at "all-inclusive" resorts. Is it customary to tip for every drink or just at dinners for service ?

My family is looking into beaches for Winter 2011. I always budget for my trips and would like to know what to include for tipping.

Thanks !

Atlanta, GA
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1. Re: Beaches Resort -Tipping


In fact, Beaches has a "no tipping" policy. The "tips" are built into the price of the trip, and that is one of the reasons that Beaches is so expensive. That being said, the Beaches/Sandals chain pays their workers more than other resorts since their income is not based on tips.

If you read one of the most recent reviews the person mentions tipping, which is absolutely infuriating. Even though Beaches has a no-tipping policy, that is not so say that your offer would not be declined. If people start tipping than it is really going to change the level or service and mean that the price of the resort is artificially over-inflated.

If you pay for any extras like excursions or spa services you should DEFINITELY tip, because those are not a part of the all-inclusive trip experience.

new york
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2. Re: Beaches Resort -Tipping

Beaches needs to control this. I have been there and if u want a seat by the pool in shade then the guys around the pools take money so u can get a good seat. Beaches needs to stop this with managment looking watching staff. Otherwise it will become liek the atlantis.

Atlanta, GA
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3. Re: Beaches Resort -Tipping

I complete agree, 2DK.

People complain ALL the time about the price of Beaches...I'd say its the biggest complaint that you will see. The 2nd most common complaint being the feeling of being "ripped off," which really is about the expense and not about the service/resort itself.

Anyway, when you consider that you truly do not have to spend any more money once arriving at beaches, unless you WANT to, that really puts some things into perspective.

Beaches Resort Management - If you are reading, please do something to curtail that tipping that is going on. It is against your policy!

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4. Re: Beaches Resort -Tipping

We completely agree with the reviewers and Beaches management, you go to in all inclusive for a reason. People who tip make it hard for eveyone when they break the rules. Also, we usually get a high end villa or room as we only can get away once a year and love Sandals and Beaches and agree no tipping!

New Jersey
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5. Re: Beaches Resort -Tipping

As a general proposition, I have to say that I completly disagree with the posters who do not tip at AI's. I routinley tip for good service and am always rewarded by more good service. We are talking about a few dollars here and there for recognition of a job well done. I believe it is the courteous thing to do and harldy breaks the bank.

Peterborough, ON
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6. Re: Beaches Resort -Tipping

I hate to disagree, however I believe tipping is a courtesy for good service...especially to those who go above and beyond to make your experience better. Living in the Western world, we are privileged. If we can shell out the kind of cash it takes to visit a resort such as Beaches, why wouldn't we share what we have with those helping to spoil us while away from home?

Winter Garden...
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7. Re: Beaches Resort -Tipping

We've never tipped and always received great service at Beaches and Sandals. We're going again in May and have no intention to tip. I agree with others that it sets a terrible precedent. The employees are already getting paid, supposedly anyway, to provide service as if they were getting tipped.

Salt Lake City
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8. Re: Beaches Resort -Tipping

I would agree with all of the posters that say to tip for good service if Beaches didn't specifically have a policy against tipping. That's one of the reasons that the resort is so expensive. Everything should be included. The only mention of allowed tipping is for Butler service.

Tipping has gotten out of hand in the world lately. Here in the US we are accustomed to tipping when we go to a restaurant and someone takes our order, serves us drinks and our meal. We were served and therefore we should tip based on the type of service we get.

Lately is seems more places where tipping wouldn't normally be done there are people there expecting to be tipped.

You don't tip when you go through a drive through service, so why should you tip just because you walked into the same place, ordered at the counter, got your lunch, found your own seat and cleaned up your own mess. This is the same thing with tipping people at Beaches for performing services that they should NOT be tipped for. The manager really needs to crack down on that.

If you had a concierge suite then you should tip the butler. Any other room you should not be tipping.

St. Catharines...
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9. Re: Beaches Resort -Tipping

The staff at Beaches is not allowed to accept tips. If any staff member does accept one and is caught they will be reprimanded heavily. The only people at the resort that can accept tips are the Butlers whose services go above and beyond.

Edited: 18 March 2010, 05:05
Turks & Caicos
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10. Re: Beaches Resort -Tipping

I used to work at Beaches. Staff is not allowed to accept tips but that doesn't mean I never got one. I felt my service was above and beyond and I was NOT a butler. Just because I wasn't a butler doesn't mean I can't do my best for my guests. So if my guest wanted to tip me I was taking said tip. That being said there were many times I refused a tip. When you go, if someone does their best for you and you feel their work is worth acknowledging then tip em. And don't think every person is kissing up to you for a tip. Some people actually take pride in their work.