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Just curious, we sometimes only hear about the bad. Has anyone had a good experience flying with BEE WEE?

Ontario, Canada
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1. Re: Bwia

Personally, I've found no problem with the flights from Toronto to POS (Port of Spain). The only problems I've ever had with BWEE is the short-haul 'inter' caribbean island flights. Not always, but does happen.

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2. Re: Bwia

I've had lots of good experiences flying from London to the Caribbean, and back, with BWIA. I always fly with BWIA if at all possible - last time I flew with British Airways, from St Lucia to Gatwick, I arrived 14 hours late. I'll be flying with Virgin Atlantic, to Grenada, in a few days' time, and I'm wondering how that will compare with BWIA and BA.

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3. Re: Bwia

I fly with them from Toronto to POS, no problems

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4. Re: Bwia

I've never had any major problems with them as I have flown with them twice in the last 11 months between Barbados and Trinidad.

The flights were only about 15 minutes late, but the last time I was in Trinidad, my flight back home was en route to Toronto, and it was scheduled to depart at 3:05pm. When I got to the airport they said 4:05 which was weird because I bought the ticket from their website.

On the other hand, I know numerous people who have fallen for BWIA and have been grossly disappointed. Just two weeks ago, a flight from Toronto to Trinidad which was supposed to make a stop in Barbados, by passed Barbados as usual and the stranded 50 or so persons who wanted to get to Barbados, never got their until 36 hours later.


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5. Re: Bwia

SANDYFORD Ive flown bwia twicefrom pearson to pos both were good flights but bwia is notorious for late departures esp out of trinidad. i would now much rather fly sky service because its charter it is alot cheaper i fly 579 on dec 26 last years for 6 weeks and the service is excellant and all flights on time.

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6. Re: Bwia

BWIA,should be out of business a long time ago,management is a real joke,took them to court 2 times and won.For peace of mind,book with another airline if you can.

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7. Re: Bwia

I recommend anyone booked with BWIA ck asap to see if their booking is ok..I found out my "direct" flight BGI to Miami NOW requires an overnight in Trinidad....no one bothered to inform me, I found out when I called to confirm my Christmas booking. To make it worse, they don't compensate the stay a meal nothing. If I cancel they will refund my money in 90 days.

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8. Re: Bwia

BWIA they claim will no longer exist next year,but the new airline will be run by the same bunch of idiots,you know The T&T government can't do anything right,look at Pigeon Point since their take over.

Toronto, Canada
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9. Re: Bwia

i have flown bwee for over 10 years now between toronto, trinidad, tobago, barbados (and lived in trinidad) and can honestly say i have to think hard about a real mishap. what is really unreliable is service between trinidad and tobago...that can mess up your connection if you don't leave ample time.

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10. Re: Bwia

obxpat: The problem may be with your travel agent. As far as I know BWIA only has Air transport rights to fly direct to Miami From trinidad. That means that flights must originate and terminate in POS. BGI to POS was it a BWIA flight or Liat. If so then BWIA is not responsible for the other airline and will not compensate you for the layover. You will only be compensated if a Bwia flight from BGI is late causing you to miss a Bwia connection to Miami, else the schedule is posted for all to see. Maybe the fault is with you travel agent not tell you all the facts.

BWIA will close its doors on December 31, 2006, and will be replaced by it new company name Caribbean Airways. All booking made on BWIA as well as Travel Awards will be honoured by Caribbean Airways as there are plans to have a seemless transition into the operations.

The renaming is not just a marketing exercise expressing is more regional forcus but also allows management to end all long term contracts that restricted its operations preventing it from becoming profitable.

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