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is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

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is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if the abovementioned in the title legit? My friend's mom called yesterday saying that someone from that company called and said she'd one an 8 night stay at a choice of resrts from bonaire, st kitts, grand cayman, etc. All she had to do was pay $500. I told my friend it's either a scam or if legit a timeshare venture. I went to their site and sure enough it's a timeshare thing. Her mom even called the resort and they verified the affiliation. Should she ck anywhere else?

Thanks in advance

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11. Re: is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?


TomCayman, the local expert for Grand Cayman, works at the Reef Club on the east end of the island. In another thread he mentioned that he enjoys seeing the people who post in the forum.

Give him a call while you are there and say hello!


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12. Re: is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

To 4nzic1

We recently stayed at the Marriott on 7-mile beach in Grand Cayman (great resort). While walking back from dinner we came across a guy hawking the Grand Caymanian timeshare. We ended up winning "first prize'" (seven nights at a property represented by backtothecaribbean). We did the 1 1/2 hour TS pitch and received a form that needed to be faxed in to redeem our first prize. Cost is $149 pp. Sent fax on 5/4 and am waiting reply. I will keep you in the loop.


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13. Re: is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

Wait i'm confused. If you won first prize why do you have to send $149.pp? That seems like a oxymoron. Won means free. Any other explanation?

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14. Re: is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

Time Shares are not that bad. The trick is to find one you would want to return to and has reasonable fees. Plan to use it and be flexible with where you go. We own and travel all the time. We do own points and we do use RCI. I can't speak about other things. I know that you can buy second hand resell and save about 10k (redweek) though there are advantages to buying from the builder. Many times there are extra vacation oppurtunities, but If you use RCI they automatically provide you with this benefit. It is a vacation savings deal we still usually pay somthing, but I'de say we save 50-75% per trip on lodging and we own it for life and will someday leave it to our child. We are landing in Cayman this Sunday for two weeks. Cost of about 199$ plus an electricity fee. We have a two bedroom condo. I know people paying 3k a week for this. After paying 1500 to 3k a wk for many years, we found time share advantageous and we are able to travel more often and have given trips out as gifts ie weddings ect. Good Luck, everyone is different as to what makes them happy. Being able to travel lots makes me happy.

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15. Re: is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

Backtothecaribbean is very much legit but it is a timeshare. This is a very affordable way to stay in a very upscale timeshare without all the expenese. We just got back from a wonderful week in GC and we stayed at The Grand Cayamanian. This is a lovely resort wonderful ammenaties and yes they do ask you to go to a 1 hour presentation, we did go and we said no and they thanked us for our time and gave us another week to us at any other their other locations. We only have to pay the taxes where ever we stay. The Grand Cayamanian is a lovely place, however it just was not for us. We do not use all the ammenaties and we were too far off the beate path for our liking. But we have no regrets and we thorougly enjoyed our stay. They are definately legitimate!

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16. Re: is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

4nzic1 Et Al...

We returned to the grand Caymanian with our two daughters in May of this year. I previously submitted a trip report.

We did buy the time share so we could not tell what happened if you chose not to. I was glad to see the other poster who did not buy and had all the commitments honored.

Our experiences with Back to the Caribbean since then have been acceptable if not the highest level of service I would have hoped for. Because we purchased a single bedroom unit and wanted to bring our daughters in the adjoining room without using our bonus week, it took us a couple of weeks to make all the arrangements. The arrangements all worked out to our satisfaction, but the time it took to make it all happen was longer than I was comfortable with.

We took advantage of the free weekend in Hilton Head SC as part of the promotion. The retail value of that weekend was greater than what we paid for the whole thing.

We made all the arrangements for the second free weekend in Fort Lauderdale as the final part of the package. At the last minute after reading TripAdvisor reports on the hotel we were going to be staying in we got cold feet and backed out. Back to the Caribbean was prepared to honor their commitments to us at every step of the way. Everything took longer to accomplish than it should have, but everything did get done.

They are what they say they are. They are in the business of selling timeshares. You know that going in. In my opinion, the value of what they offer for the opportunity to try and sell you something is much greater than what they charge.


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17. Re: is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

it is legit. We went to the dominican republic for a time share presentation. It wasn't free but the price was about the same.No pressure from the sales staff and the presentation was brief. The room left a little to be desired but we didn' spend much time in it. All in all it was well worth what we paid

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18. Re: is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

<<<We returned to the grand Caymanian with our two daughters in May of this year...We did buy the time share...>>>

We bought at the Grand Caymanian in 2004. Went to the sales pitch for the free rental car and left timeshare owners! I must say it was the best impulse buy we ever made. We love Cayman and the GC, and because of the ability to trade we've traveled more in the last 3 yrs than we ever thought we would! We're so pleased we're thinking of buying another. And like you CRT, it's great to be able to "gift"a week to our kids for honeymoons and the like.

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19. Re: is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

Horrible experience with them but they do appear to be legit though.

They advertise in 2 ways. One is a direct timeshare company offering resorts that are generally low on the star ratings in places of development that are seeking to attract clientèles. The second way as a sweepstakes company with the award that is exactly like their timeshare offer to specific destinations.

They are generally easy to reach and take an extraordinary long time to book your reservation. (approximately 2 months). They usually book through another agency in any resort other than the grand caymanian.

There are catches and requirements but they advertise that they dont. These include age, income and such. The saving is nothing to brag about (since paying 500+ commitment) and all in all, there are much better timeshare companies that offer much more for the money. They are usually associated to individual hotels. Unless you plan to commit to Grand Caymanian (and that of itself is a poor choice in my honest opinion), avoid at all cost.

In terms of getting hotel stays at certain areas in the US as a reward for paying/booking the initial money, it's the same amount and the only savings you have is getting a free room at the grand caymanian. It's actually less money if you book through deals found in forums such as those in fatwallet.com and other Hot Deals sites.

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20. Re: is 'backtothecaribbean.com' legit?

We too are taking advantage of this opportunity. Are looking at booking for Feb. Just wondering if anyone has been to Coral Sands and what it is like? Is it fairly reasonable to eat at restaurants and are there stores nearby for grocery shopping?

Are they generally pretty good about getting the time you would like to book?

Thanks for any info