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What are your favourite bars in Ocho Rios, 2018?

May I please ask you all... what are your favourite current bars in Ocho Rios? I lived there for a year a few years ago and will be returning for a while early next year.

I spent a lot of time downtown in James Avenue and a lot of bars in and around the market area. I preferred those places rather than the pricey touristy bars (Margaritaville, John Crow's, etc), and hung out in Barbie's Bar, the Center Spot (now Qutie's Bar), Brixton Reggae Lounge upstairs at Chuck's Plaza, 180 Degree Bar, Fathead's (Flex), Circle Center, and a few bars long gone (upstairs at Evette's, and Topaz Phantasy Lounge). Some great little shack bars were in the market, Melanie's, Alicia's, Coletta's (the seamstress), Gaza, etc. It was not uncommon for the police to turn up at some during the night and shut the bar down and arrest the bartender (who was not personally at fault).

A lot of bars played Kenny Rogers and Whitney, rather than Jamaican music, but also "The Weakness In Me" (Keisha White), "Bruk It Down" (Mr Vegas) and the very sexy "Come Roun'" (Mavado) were very popular back then. Great times!

What would you recommend nowadays? Thanks in advance...