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Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

Whitby, Ontario...
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Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

Hi There - can anyone comment on how humid it gets in Montego Bay for August? I read the temp is a constant 29-33 degrees give or take, but wondering how much hotter it feels with the humidity levels?

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Madison, Wisconsin
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1. Re: Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

Humidity is very high all over Jamaica in August. It's the tropics - you have to expect these things. We've been on island (we don't like Montego Bay) in August a few times before and as my naval officer husband likes to say, "it's hot...Africa hot". Your body will acclimatize to some degree after about 24 hours, but everyone is different.

Whitby, Ontario...
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2. Re: Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

ok thanks - I had done Vegas once in July and it was so hot with the humidity it was hard to enjoy being outside.... (realizing the two destinations are completely different)... but I do remember even lying by the pools was not relaxing... appreciate your time to reply :)

United States
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3. Re: Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

"can anyone comment on how humid it gets in Montego Bay for August?"

Jamaica is in the tropics. The humidity is normally 90%, or higher, during daylight hours.

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4. Re: Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

Using on site measurements and forecasts, the humidity for MoBay is in the high 60 percent to low 70 percent.

For example, today the high temp in MoBay is 92℉ with 71 percent humidity yielding a "feel like" temp of 106℉; tomorrow, the "feel like" temp will be 107℉ as the humidity rises a bit with less intensity in the breeze.

Whitby, Ontario...
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5. Re: Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

thank you - this is exactly the info I was looking for !

Rochester, New York
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6. Re: Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

Yes you can figure out how 'hot' it feels. There is a simple mathematical formula for 'heat index'. Plug in the values for temp and humidity and you'll get the 'answer'. Just use this table:


roxbury, ma
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7. Re: Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

These days it gets real hot by April and by August hot hot & humid!

Stay in the sea :)


Buffalo, NY
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8. Re: Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

There is info day by day if you google it (historical data) and the word they use for August? I kid you not---OPPRESSIVE. Even the pools are HOT---I'm talking 90 degree water.

Nashville, Tennessee
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9. Re: Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

When I was younger, the humidity in August did not affect me as much. But now....I would not go in the summer for this reason. We now plan our trips for the winter months. This said, you can get some great deals in the summer which is why we opted for the timeframe in years past.

Montego Bay, Jamaica
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10. Re: Humidity Levels in Montego Bay - August

I live in Montego Bay. It's ALWAYS humid and hot, 365 days per year, BUT there is a but :). Whatever the statistics might show you or whatever the data you collect, none of it gives the true picture, because they take a mean from the whole area, and that mean is not even close to being accurate. Here is the true picture: it depends on WHERE in Montego Bay you are located and what time of the day it is. Please view a few examples below to get the idea.

In downtown it's steaming hot in the afternoon, any time of the year, regardless of rainfall. Though it feels like "dry" hot, NOT humid hot, because of too much traffic fumes and too narrow streets with buildings blocking sea wind.

In the hills, such areas as Ironshore, Coral Gardens, Half Moon Club and especially Unity Halls - it often rains, any time of the year. In summer/autumn it rains there almost every day (about 1 hour or so per day), in winter a bit less. There isn't any wind in the hills/mountains, which are part of Montego Bay, because these areas are surrounded with rainforest, this is exactly where you feel the tropics - humid to the point it's hard to breathe.

By the ocean, however, the situation has nothing in common with all the other areas. We live in a house which sits on the sea, and the sea breeze makes it always nice, fresh and easy to breathe. It hardly ever rains closer to the shore, regardless of the time of the year.

Then again, it also depends WHERE by the ocean you are. If you are on the side to the east of the airport - you'll have plenty of fresh air and sea breeze. If you are to the west side of the airport, your fresh wind will be "blocked" by the bay itself, so it would feel much more humid and hot in resorts in Freeport, than, say, in windy Iberostar.

In general, if you look at 12 months in Jamaica, you will such differences:

- the temperature of the wind by the sea

- the temperature of the ocean water

- the temperature at night.

From April to October - it's always warm at night with very warm wind. The sea is hot, sometimes like a heated pool.

From November to April it's rather chilly at night (I need a jacket at times), the wind is a bit cold by the sea (especially in the mornings) and the sea is much cooler (feels a bit colder than the comfortable room temperature).

I know these things for sure, because I've been going for a swim every single day by my house for the last 3 years, and go for a run every morning and evening.

So, to answer your question - it doesn't matter about August, the humidity is always high, just choose the right PLACE in Montego Bay. If you want more fresh air - choose a place to the east from the Airport, by the ocean.

In general, if you want dry and hot - go to Egypt. If you want dry and cold - go to Antarctica. If you want humid and cold - go to Canada. If you want humid and hot - go to Brazil. If you want awesome vacation - come to Jamaica :) ANY time of the year. I hope this helps.



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