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Not sure how the policy works but aren't reviews to be about the resort you just visited? I see reviews that say we are here now and list all of their problems in a possible attempt to get upgrades and freebies. Why does TA allow this. Shouldn't that be handled on site with the resort. Maybe I am wrong but just think it is a bad policy by TA to be able to write a review while there. A forum is a little different. Just my 2 cents about something that irritates me.

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Oshawa, Canada
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1. Re: Reviews

My pet peeve is when they start out the review complaining about the flight or the transfer. I move on immediately and stop reading the review.

Sometimes They hope that writing bad things while they are there will blackmail the resort into giving them what they want.

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2. Re: Reviews

TA erases a lot of posts for no reason .. some for arguing with TA management . Personally I never read reviews. 2 weeks after you post them you could change your mind and do a do over..lol

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3. Re: Reviews

Edmonton Mama,

How about reviewers who downgrade the resort because of Sargassum, or even worse the weather?

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4. Re: Reviews

At a minimum, I find the reviews entertaining. You have the uppity or spoiled who complain about everything. You have the angry who complain about any little thing. You have first timers, who are shocked some people living in a Spanish speaking country don't speak english. You have the dust bunnies who think everything is dirty. You have the foodies who are expecting gourmet food. Yada, yada. I use the reviews to look at the trends. If a lot of people say service is bad, I would expect less than average service. If several say the food is good or decent, I'd expect decent food. I discount most extreme reviews unless everyone is complaining about the same things. I am also leery of the everything was 'amazing' reviews. Plants.

Chester, United...
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5. Re: Reviews

I agree but it is within the rules

You also see people posting on the properties Facebook pages trying to get leverage with the property

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6. Re: Reviews

I always think it's strange to write a review while you are still at the resort. I've seen some where the writer had only been there for two nights & had another eight nights to go. Things could get considerably better (or worse) over the whole holiday & surely they must realise you are not supposed to write another review unless you make another visit.

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7. Re: Reviews

I just read (and flagged) a review written by someone *in advance of* their stay. The person is clearly angling for some kind of upgrade or special treatment. 🙄

Ontario, Canada
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8. Re: Reviews

I agree ... People posting reviews 1 day in are angling for freebies/ upgrades. How is it possible to give a comprehensive, fair and honest review based on a couple of hours. Sure maybe check in was longer than anticipated , sure maybe you didn't get the exact room you " requested" ...but roll with it ... Too let the first few hours of your vacation ruin everything because you are tired and cranky from travelling seems pointless. Relax , talk to people on site that could actually do something to fix the situation ...blasting about it on TA serves no purpose

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9. Re: Reviews

Reviews that are made while the guest is still at the resort are irritating, because the review cannot possibly provide a full account of the person’s stay or provide a description of how a property ultimately addresses any criticisms/complaints. Reviews that are made before a person even stayed at the property shouldn’t even be considered a “review” and it’s pretty obvious that the person has an ax to grind. The only exception I can think of is perhaps a person who is planning a wedding. If the resort is totally unresponsive to attempts to plan a wedding, I can see how that review could be helpful to other brides considering that resort. But I still think that TripAdvisor reviews should ultimately be geared toward people who have completed a full stay at the property.

Baltimore, Maryland
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10. Re: Reviews

I do like when people do live froms especially when they are willing to check on something for others which makes it clear that their purpose is not to get something for free.

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