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jellyfish season????

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jellyfish season????

hi everyone,

i just had a thought about jelly fish, someone told me that they are all over the place on the beaches and in the water you cant even see them, this really freaks me out. i was wondering if someone could tell me if they are around in november cause i heard they are seasonal. does anyone know what season they are there? any info appreciated. Thanks :)

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1. Re: jellyfish season????

I've never been in November, but on various trips from Dec to Feb I've never seen a one!!! Don't worry about it, I think you would see them, the water is crystal clear.

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2. Re: jellyfish season????

Jellyfish season is generally in the summer months, June thru September. Have seen them blown into bays during high winds in the winter though.

Even though the water is crystal clear, you can't see them very well when swimming as they are clear with a small blue patch.

It's the long tentacles that sting when they come into contact with skin.

Treat as follows (or better yet, go to the resort clinic)

First Aid for Man-of-War Stings

* Prevent further stings. Carefully lift off tentacle remnants, using a stick or gloved fingers. Do not rub the tentacles off, as this will cause more nematocysts to sting.

* Next, rinse the affected area with seawater. Do NOT use fresh water or vinegar, as these may cause the stinging cells to discharge all at once and may greatly worsen the sting! Do not scrub the affected area. [vinegar, papain (as in meat tenderizer), baking soda, urine, or aluminum sulfate all may deactivate the toxin, but they may also cause the stinging cells to discharge all at once, possibly intensifying the injury]

* Ice may be applied to reduce pain and swelling.

* Pain can be countered with topical treatment of products containing lidocaine or benzocaine (as in those products used for sunburn).

* Diphenhydramine (benadryl) cream may be applied for persistent itching.

* Seek immediate medical attention if the person stung is having any difficulty breathing or maintaining consciousness.

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3. Re: jellyfish season????

thanks guys....hadn't thought about jelly fish til now.

Where and when you going in Nov.? We'll be in Holguin Nov 20 - 27 can't wait

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4. Re: jellyfish season????

Yes thank you for the info, its good to know. Im going to Barcelo Soylmar November 19-26 Cant wait