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advice on what clothes to take

Poole, United...
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advice on what clothes to take

hi I am staying at Melia Benoa beginning of Sept after spending 3 nights in Singapore can anyone advice me on what clothes to take eg day time and evening as I always take too many clothes

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1. Re: advice on what clothes to take

If it were me, and depending on how often you have your washing done, I would take

Three pairs of shorts

Three tops

One light cardigan

2 day dresses

3 night dresses

3 pairs of swimmers

An overshirt to put on over swimmers

2 pairs of PJ's

2 Sarongs (these can be bought there)

Underwear and bras

This is plenty, as we have just returned and you will buy other things over there. You could even cull it further if you are having your washing done frequently.

Sydney, Australia
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2. Re: advice on what clothes to take

Do not over pack,save some room for all your shopping.

What you forget you can always buy over there.

Have a great time.

Napier, New Zealand
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3. Re: advice on what clothes to take

wow lizzy you pack a lot!!!!!!!!!! i just take a few clean pairs of underwear 1 pair of shorst,1 tshirt/1singlet and a good strong pair of shoes for walking and my toiletries and thats it!!!!!! everything else i need i buy when i get there,if i havent had chace to do washing cos im tooooooooooooo buzy enjoying myself i just go buy more,last trip we packed one case inside the other total wieght for 3 people was 12kg, but on the way back all those 3 cases were full and weighed about 23kg each

but "polly" just pack the minimum but im a guy and us blokes dont go through clothes like you ladies do (no offence intended) if there are shoes or what ever that you just cant live with out then take them otherwise have fun shopping

cheers john

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4. Re: advice on what clothes to take

I pack the lightest that does not ever need ironing:)

I don't wear shorts so 3 skirts, a few singlet tops, a couple of sunfrocks. I always take a nice dress for more upmarket dinners. I don't over -dress up, just something that I haven't worn in the hot sun every day to make me feel better. Most importantly wear what you are comfortable in. It is hot and sweaty so no nylon if possible including underwear. If you can get bamboo or good cotton, buy all new, I love having brand new knickers for a holiday.:)

Very comfortable sandals are essential even if you do buy more there, and old runners you can leave there if you want to take early morning walks on the beach or rice fields.

Pack light, but don't leave out what you really want.

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5. Re: advice on what clothes to take

I take exactly what Linda takes.

And I don't wear shorts either .

If you wear shorts, then replace the 3 skirts with them and still take the 3 camis.

Couple of sunfrocks, although I always buy there too.

I don;t have comfortable enough sandles for all the walking I do, so I wear Haviana thongs and I take a pretty pair for night time.

Bamboo knickers and a spare bra.


1 or 2 bathers depepnds how long I am going for.

Thats it.

I buy a sarong once there as I usually like to have a new one.

I wear a pashmina on the plane.

Lizzie you do pack alot :):)

Sydney Australia
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6. Re: advice on what clothes to take

I usually pack

2 skirts

one shorts

1 or 2 3/4 pants

plenty of tops to mix and match, but all light weight with no ironing

a couple of fancy tops for nightt wear

a couple of swimmers

something to throw over swimmers

comforable shoes (very important)


I never stress about packing. The most important thing is your ticket and passport, if you have that and your money...then whatever you forget you can buy there

Mandurah, Australia
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7. Re: advice on what clothes to take

If it cant fit in the carry on luggage then it is too much LOL

seriously I take 3 x shorts.....one on, one ready to go and one in the wash!!

same with shirts (tshirts) underclothes etc

I will generally buy a sundress or two in Bali cos they are pretty, lightweight and cool and work for evenings if you want to dress up

the most comfortable sandles or flipflops i have. I have never yet needed a cardigan....but if it was a bit cool you can buy a sarong which can double as a wrap and a cover over your bathers and always two pairs of bathers

PJ's........hmmm maybe 1 x pretty one for special occassion LOL otherwise what are they?

toiletries......just the basics most things you can get in Bali and i always put what I am taking into small bottles ...just enough for while i am away

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8. Re: advice on what clothes to take

it does sound like a lot, doesn't it, but i swear it would all fit in a cabin bag and I don't buy as much over there anymore, as I have bought most of it already. I would wash every third day, which means you get your washing back on the forth, so I really only have one or two spare sets when the washing comes back. You could get away with one dress for night time, but my daytime dresses are usually not what I would wear out to dinner.

And I'm a girly girl LOL........

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9. Re: advice on what clothes to take

I'm not a girly girl :) but I still take all my own cosmetics, shampoos, facial creams etc as I like my own brands. I have a 40k luggage allowance but even with all my extras my bags never weigh more than 16 k.

I don't find a lot of clothes I want to buy in Bali any more so I have a Bali wardrobe that stays in the suitcase until the next trip :)

Don't wear PJ,s even in winter ha ha.

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for Kuta, Lovina Beach, Singaraja, Baturiti, Bali
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10. Re: advice on what clothes to take

ok for Linda and Redned....... I don't wear pj's either and never used to take them until one time I realised that if i needed to go to hospital when there, I would be naked LOL.

A nightie comes in my bag now :)

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