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Everest Base camp trek without a guide?

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Everest Base camp trek without a guide?

Has anyone attempted this? What would be the difficulties associated with this?

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1. Re: Everest Base camp trek without a guide?

No real problem - the route is obvious, there are many good lodges, and depending on when you go you are likely to meet many other trekkers ! It's a magic area in a magic country.

However, it's hardly worth the effort of carrying your own gear when for a ludicrously small amount you can hire a porter / guide.

(by Western standards: admitedly it was ten years ago, but we hired a guide for £70 for three weeks, and a porter for £40 plus their accommodation / food, which averaged about £6 per head per day)

Not only will this make for a far less strenuous trip, but it will also help give you a better insight into the culture. Most reputable Kathmandu trekking agencies will be able to provide you with a porter / guide. This is probably the best way of finding a competent one. With some agencies you may be able to specify the gender of your guide if that's an issue.

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2. Re: Everest Base camp trek without a guide?

I hired a guide when I flew into Lukla, as you are over run with potential offers. The route is straight forward, but as mentioned above, if someone carrys your gear you can focus more on the surroundings and culture. A guide can facilitate discussions with locals and add much to your experience. I prefer to hire directly, not through an agency as the agency takes the lions share of the money. I'd rather see the money go directly to the guide and their families.

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3. Re: Everest Base camp trek without a guide?

I did it a few years ago and it was great. No guide, either. I like to carry my own pack. You get used to it and part of the reason of a trek is to get in shape. Guides can also get in the way of meeting people. I found fellow trekkers far more interesting than native Nepalese- but maybe that's just me.

Hint: if it's cloudy, don't expect to see mount everest on the base camp trek. ever. I never did!

And take a lot of time and do the Annapurna Sanctuary, or the Annapurna Circuit. And spend time in Pokhara.

Favorite mountain- Fishtail!

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4. Re: Everest Base camp trek without a guide?

i came back 2 weeks ago from this trip, we saw other people with no guides and most were fine. However, we did see 1 girl airlifted off the mountain at quite a low level due to pulmonary edema( water on the lungs due to altitude) the guide noticed the girl was not well early evening and checking again at midnight they were immediately taken to a lower level and flown out next morning. With this in mind and the money they cost i would get a guide also if you get a good english speaker they will tell you all about the places you visit and the names of the mountains you are looking at etc. My guides were excellent. Good luck

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5. Re: Everest Base camp trek without a guide?

If you need a guide to tell you that you have pulomary edema, then you shouldn't go trekking!

I carried my own pack- sort of a macho thing, I guess.

But then, how much do you really need? All the food can be bought. The heaviest items were the cameras- and nowadays they are all digital and very light. Clothes? Wore most of them- three changes of underwear/t-shirts-socks- and washed them out every two days. Goose down sleeping back a must. Small toiletry kit. A two liter plastic water bottle.

So you can get by with a light pack- and you should.

No guide for me. Met a lot of fantastic people. Also got haranged by a local- for not emplying a guide!

6. Re: Everest Base camp trek without a guide?

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