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gambia in november

s glos
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gambia in november

I would love to go to sheraton gambia in november but hubby is worried it will be too hot any ideas anyone !!!!!!! he wants to go to egypt but i wotrry about tummy bugs !! help please

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1. Re: gambia in november

The temperature in the Gambia only changes by a few degrees all year round. The thing that changes is the humidity. At the moment and until October it is the green season and very humid. Towards the end of October this drops significantly and by November there is virtually no humidity.

Can't help you with the similarities to Egypt as I've not been there but hope that helps a little.

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2. Re: gambia in november

We've been going for years in November and its really nice, not too hot, and not too busy and it still give you time to prepare for Xmas when you get back. If its your first time can i suggest not going to the Sheraton? Theres loads of nice places nearer to the main centre...theSheraton is out on a limb and you cannot just stroll out and see other attractions. Don't get me wrong. Its nice, but you could be anywhere...its not very well situated.

If it was me i would pick Kololi. (Senegambia)

Ilminster, United...
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3. Re: gambia in november


Amanda is spot on November is one of the best times to visit humidity gone or almost gone and since the rainy season is only just gone still very bright and colourful Visitors towards the end of the season (March April )do tend to see a more parched and dull Gambia rgds

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4. Re: gambia in november

you made sure you got in this time then bill?

south yorkshire...
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5. Re: gambia in november

november as others have said is lovely, but where in Egypt was you thinking off, love luxor also, never had any tummy worries

Exeter, United...
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6. Re: gambia in november

I have not been to either Gambia or Egypt in November ( Jan>March for us) but the latter was the only place abroad I got 'jippy' stomach. Not nice!!!

York, United Kingdom
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7. Re: gambia in november

Tummy probs are often due to dehydration and not washing hands, nothing to do with dodgy food. Aslo different micro bacteria in different places, its just body adapting.

We are going to Egypt in September and will be following the same rules we use in Gambia, plenty of water, not too much sun, avoid salads or fruit you cannot wash/peel yourself, wash hands/use antibac on hands after handling money. Works for us so far ......

Cantanhede, Portugal
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8. Re: gambia in november

Having been to egypt in nov I would say its lots hotter in the Gambia at that time of year although bearable.

Tummy troubles you get anywhere so as Granny says you need to take precautions.

I never had any problems in Egypt ( two visits ) and only a few days of banjul belly once in 4 visits.


York, United Kingdom
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9. Re: gambia in november

November is a great time to go for temperature. We always go end of November/beginning of December.

The Sheraton is out of the way. You can get taxis down to the main area but I would not personally want to stay so far out of town.

The Senegambia Beach Hotel is great, ideal location, lot of restaurants and bars to enjoy out of the hotel within walking distance as well as shops/chemist etc.

As for upset stomach. Well wherever in the world you go you can suffer from that. It is more a change to the bacteria you take in and that can happen in Spain or France or anywhere. Grannysticks suggestions for avoiding this are spot on. Follow that advice and you can't go far wrong.

Never been to Egypt but would like to go sometime. Depends what you want from your holiday. If you were planning Red Sea holiday for snorkelling etc you are not going to get that in The Gambia.

Milton Keynes
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10. Re: gambia in november

i have done both Gambia & Egypt Love both but Egypt gets dark very early in November, Gambia would give you longer days.

Have not had funny tummy in either, it is down to you to keep drinking water in the day and not to much alcohol at night.

I totally agree you need to stay on the strip not at the Sheraton. The Sheraton is all inclusive but there are so many lovely restaurants to try and not expensive. Enjoy what ever destination you choose.

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