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Kamenjak National park, Safari Bar from Premantura?


Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice about Kamenjak NP.

I'm thinking about staying in Premantura, as it seems like the closest actual place to the National Park bit. (excuse my lack of knowledge on this area!!) I've been told by a friend that you can hire bikes and spend the day cycling around the different bars in the park and do some cliff jumping and swimming etc. Is this possible/usual?

hoping it is as we would like to have some drinks on our penultimate stop in Croatia and not be hindered by having to drive after sunset back to our hotel. Maybe there are places to stay a little closer otherwise?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated! Travelling with my boyfriend from montenegro-bosnia & herzegovina-croatia-slovinia-italy this August (2016)

Thank you so much!!! xx :)