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Copenhagen to Germany to Netherlands [14 days travel]

Karachi, Pakistan
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Copenhagen to Germany to Netherlands [14 days travel]

Hello everyone

I'm planning to move from Copenhagen to Germany and then to Netherlands through train. However, am not sure about the tickets and stuff. Tried searching online and it seems really confusing for someone who wants to travel for the first time in Europe on a train.

Would appreciate if someone can kindly guide:

1. I read there is some discount if tickets are bought in advance online. How many days in advance should one buy them? Also, which website should one use? Is there any refund if the tickets are cancelled?

2. I'm basically travelling to explore the places and don't really want to rush from one place to another just to take pictures and check-mark the to-do list as some people do. How many days do you think one should give to each country? I've put Germany and Netherlands in my list but would really like to add one more country as I think its doable since I have around 14 days. I'm not sure which country to add since I would like to visit Switzerland and Venice/Florence or any other place which has more to offer but am not sure which one would be easier and less hectic. Any suggestions?

Would appreciate advise from experienced travelers :-)

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Brussels, Belgium
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1. Re: Copenhagen to Germany to Netherlands [14 days travel]

1. Whether there are advance booking discounts and how far in advance depend on the type of train, it's essentially for high-speed trains (including ICE) that it makes a big difference if you can buy tickets a couple of months in advance (actual availability differs between systems). Start with the trip from Copenhagen to wherever you are going in Germany, using https:/…en and you may (in fact not always for this international trip) see 2 prices, "Savings Fares" and "Flexpreis", which is the full, and fully-flexible fare. Where there is a savings price it will give you the details, i.e. how far in advance you need to book it and how (un)flexibie it is. Obviously the lowest prices are for fixed bookings, and non-refundable; the more flexibility (including possibility of refund) you want, the more you have to pay. If you aren't sure when you want to travel, don't buy until you are, even if the price is higher then. It is still cheaper to buy on the day of travel at the top price than to buy early at a cheap price but then not catch the train in question and still have to buy a ticket at the full price..

Use the website of the train operator of one of the countries involved in the trip, so for a trip to, in or from Germany, German Railways (DB - the link given above). For other countries, it will give you train times but not prices, for example if you want to travel from the Netherlands to France/ Switzerland / Italy, you will need to use Dutch Railways, https://www.nsinternational.nl/en/home and within Italy, Italian Railways : http://www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en

2. You are the only one who can work out how many days to "give to each country", as YOU are the only one who knows which cities you are visiting and what you want to do there! I don't see how anyone else can comment.

If you want to add another country, obviously the closer the better so Switzerland rather than Italy: look at train times between whichever cities you are thinking of. For example, Amsterdam to Milan alone - which is closer than Venice or Florence - takes between 11 1/2 and 12 1/2 hrs, compared with 8 or 9 to Geneva (via Paris). Amsterdam - Paris - Turin - Florence takes at least 14 hrs.

However, where are you flying out from? If you can't arrange open jaw flights so as to fly into one end of your itinerary (Copenhagen) and out of the other, you would have to backtrack to Copenhagen (or wherever).

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Sydney, Australia
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2. Re: Copenhagen to Germany to Netherlands [14 days travel]

1. For within Germany, booking is open 120 days in advance. For Copenhagen to Hamburg, booking is open now up to roughly 3rd November (so 3 months). Book with www.bahn.com

Refund? Why is it cancelled? If the operator cancels, then you get a refund, but if you are provided with a replacement bus then no. A refund due to change of mind, probably up to 3 days before (have to check) will cost you €19

2. This is something personal, I personally do not think 14 days warrant more than 3 places at the most.

If you are coming from Copenhagen, my suggestion would be

Copenhagen - Berlin - Amsterdam - Brussels at the most, there is no way you can go to Switzerland and Venice by train within 14 days, it is just not doable!

Nijmegen, The...
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3. Re: Copenhagen to Germany to Netherlands [14 days travel]

Booking in Germany opens up 180 days in advance nowadays.

With this schedule Italy is a no go. Too far out. Otherwise fly from Copenhagen to Venice and start moving up from there using a nighttrain via Munich and from there on to Amsterdam.

Wengen, Switzerland
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4. Re: Copenhagen to Germany to Netherlands [14 days travel]

An obvious city to visit on a trip that starts in Copenhagen is Hamburg. So Copenhagen - Hamburg - Berlin - Amsterdam. Would give you plenty to do in 14 days.

Maybe a day trip to Brussel from Amsterdam...

Karachi, Pakistan
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5. Re: Copenhagen to Germany to Netherlands [14 days travel]

Many thanks everyone. The posts here have really made me realized that 14 days is really not enough. It's not even enough to see Germany alone since its quite big. So, I've been searching what exactly I would like to see in these 14 days (can make changes if better options are there).

Basically, I would like to see some local landmarks (specific to the region and have some history but don't want to be bored to death :P), some park/zoo, beaches and other things of interest like boat riding or bike riding to see the city. I'm also very much interested in paragliding but not sure about it since the reviews for the service in Berlin doesn't seem safe/reliable.

I've made up the following plan:

**Copenhagen** (will land here on 25th August and be there till the evening of 31st August, so I guess after my official commitments till evening 5-6PM, will be able to see the following?)

-Tivoli Gardens


-Hey Captian - boat tour (is it worth 32$)

-Amager Strandpark

-Copenhagen Canal Tour

-Christiansborg Palace

-Frederiks Kirke (The Marble Church)

From Copenhagen, I plan to travel by train to Germany on 31.August night. Hamburg seems to be the first place I would like to visit.


(Reach here on 1.September) [Copenhagen to Hamburg - around 5 hours]

**1. Hamburg - (one day should be enough I guess?)**

**Places of interest to visit:**

-Miniatur Wunderland

-Hamburg Zoo


**Question:** Not sure which place/area I should stay which is near railway station and above places that I would like to visit. Please advise.

(Leave from Hamburg on 2.September (evening/night) for Berlin) [2:20 hours by train]

**2.Berlin (3 days should be enough?)**

**Places of interest to visit:**

-Britzer Garten/Tiergarten

-Brandenburg Gate (worth visiting?)


-Treptower Park

-Berlin Wall Memorial

-Hackesche Hoefe/Die Hackeschen Hoefe - i think they are same?

-Berlin Botanical Garden / Botanischer Garten Berlin - i think they are same?

-Haus Schwarzenberg Street Art Alley

-Erholungspark Marzahn

-Museumsinsel (Museum Island)

- 1Hour City Cruise in Berlin: History and Main Attractions - worth it?

-Reederei Spreetours

-Strandbad Grünau (worth visiting? reviews seem not so inspiring)

**Question:** Not sure which place/area I should stay which is near railway station and above places that I would like to visit. Please advise.

Leave from Berlin on 6.September Morning to Dresden - [2 hours by train]

**3. Dresden (2 days should be enough?)**

**Places of interest to see:**

- Palais Grosser Gartens

- Frauenkirche/Zwinger

Botanischer Garten der Technischen Universitat Dresden (is this one better or the one in Berlin?)

Procession of Princes (if nearby other location)

ConferenceBikes Dresden (ha! seems fun)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber (is this in Drasden?)

Waank Mountain (strange name)

Partnachklamm (seems nice in pictures, worth visiting?)


**Question:** Not sure which place/area I should stay which is near railway station and above places that I would like to visit. Please advise.

Keeping one day extra if I can find something of interest in the following that can be visited. Also, Dresden to Amsterdam seems to be an 8 hours journer so would like to stop over some place. Please advise....

- Would have liked to go to Sylt but I read its the place for the rich, so.... :(

- Is there any beach either in Dresden or Berlin that one can go to? Can't find any relevant information as such

- Would like to go for paragliding but the reviews on TA are making me a little nervours regarding safety of these...

-Is there any way I can visit Rhine Valley Cruise and Lake Constance during my stay there?

Leave from Germany and try to reach Amsterdam on 9th September by train. Will have my flight back home on 14th.


**1. Hague - 10.September (maybe day trip from Amsterdam?)**

- Landgoed Clingendael

- Scheveningen beach

**2.Rotterdam - 11.September (maybe day trip from Amsterdam?)**

-Euromast Tower

-Trompenburg Arboretum

**2.Amsterdam 12-13 September. 14th evening fly back home...**

-Amsterdam Beach

-Canal Cruise

-Amsterdam Waterland or The Jordaan (which one to go?)

-Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise (seems interesting, 8PM would be better I guess as its for 90 minutes?)

**Train Tickets:**

I would really love to have the flexibility of not buying tickets in advance. Since EU is not my native place, it doesn't make sense to advance book everything. Is there any option that I can just go to the station and buy the ticket when required or maybe like one day in advance?


Hotels would be expensive so I guess I would rather stick to hostels? Not sure how they are but am not coming with my pockets full with money to spend on hotels where I'll just be resting at night. Advise please...?

Sydney, Australia
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6. Re: Copenhagen to Germany to Netherlands [14 days travel]

" -Is there any way I can visit Rhine Valley Cruise "

Generally done from Bonn or Cologne

Using the Rheinland Pfalz ticket, the area of validity is in this map


(see the lines from Bonn to Bingen along the Rhein river

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