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Good Things About Solo Travelling

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Good Things About Solo Travelling

Hi guys,

I'm new in travelling things. The problem is my taste of travelling is different from my friend. So, I find hard time to find travelling friends.

I'd like to ask,

What are good things about travelling solo? is it solo travelling weird? Are you scared when travelling alone?

Do you prefer travelling many countries or just 1 country in one shot?


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1. Re: Good Things About Solo Travelling

What are good things about travelling solo? You answered your own question in your first paragraph: you go where you want, when you want, without having to negotiate with friends or family.

Is it solo travelling weird? Not at all. It's common. If you are traveling anywhere where other people are visiting, you will run into other solo travelers. And if you are social, it's easy.

Are you scared when travelling alone? You take ordinary precautions You use common sense. Under those circumstances, solo travel is no more or less dangerous than traveling with a companion. Except you can't go in the water at the beach when you travel solo.

Do you prefer travelling many countries or just 1 country in one shot? It depends on the country and the distance traveled. My favorite travel style is a 12-day trip -- I'm self-employed so I can only take off time in limited increments -- with about three destinations per trip. Some countries (e.g., Brazil, France) have enough variety to supply a destination for each segment of a 12-day trip. Some countries are well worth visiting (e.g., Iceland, Panama, or Slovenia), but you would not want to do a whole trip of any decent length in just that country. There's no right answer in all circumstances to this question.

The fact that your questions are very common, and very commonly asked on here, should be all the proof you need that solo travel is common and not at all weird. (Some people will point out that your questions have been answered in other threads. That sort of response is not helpful. It's just easier to answer than explain why a question already was answered.) Happy trails.

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2. Re: Good Things About Solo Travelling

>>>" I'm new in travelling things. The problem is my taste of travelling is different from my friend. So, I find hard time to find travelling friends."<<<

that can be a problem.

>>>" What are good things about travelling solo? ..... "<<<

some of the +

- do things when you want as long as you want.

- changing plans on a whim.


some of the - even though you didnt ask.

- eating alone.

- not having someone to "keep an eye on your stuff" while you go use the bathroom

>>>" is it solo travelling weird? ....."<<<

- "weird" ? No.

>>>" are you scared when travelling alone?"<<<

- Not scared, but you know you are out of your "comfort zone". I wouldnt say "scared" but apprehensive.

>>>" Do you prefer travelling many countries or just 1 country in one shot?"<<<

- i prefer to hop around. So far, I've been giving each city 3 full days. Its been a good number FOR ME. Ive been doing 1 city per country. Germany was an exception since its so large but when i returned in the area i would nibble on Germany and add another Germany city. But that number may change with the city and whats there. Its my time & $$$ so i can make changes. The way i see it, you can spend your lifetime in just one place and not see everything so as far as 1 country, why should i think i can do it anymore so. Also, the way i see it, i want to get a "taste" of different places and if and when it happens i can go back anytime i want. There no law of travel that says you cant go back to someplace you've been to.

- travel and how anyone does it is a relative thing and if you dont know how you want to travel, then do one and find out. Also, there no reason you cant mix it up. I just choose not to at this time. But guess what. Its my time & $$ so i can do as i please when i please.

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3. Re: Good Things About Solo Travelling

Good thing about solo traveling - builds confidence in you, gives you a lot of time to discover yourself , makes you go out of your comfort zone. I am a big introvert and when I travel solo, I am forced to sometimes connect with people. Its not too bad and if I don't like it, I can always go back to being my usual introvert self and I get plenty of 'me' time.

Negatives? May be not having someone to 'share' those moments at exactly those moments and perhaps eating alone, though I have personally never had a problem with it.

I am not scared of traveling alone but the feeling of going to some place new does make me feel a little apprehensive.

I often do only one country at a time and yet find it impossible to see all I want to see. I do not get to travel for more than 10-15 days at a stretch due to work and so I'd rather remember the places than airports and train stations.

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4. Re: Good Things About Solo Travelling

Is solo travelling weird? Well, some places I visit think so....but that may be more to do with being a woman and in their culture, women are less independent. This can lead to a negative of solo travel, which is that at times you may become 'of interest' for people hoping to sweet talk you into becoming a meal ticket or a ticket out of their country. However, this certainly doesn't happen everywhere. It depends a lot on the difference in earning capability between their country and mine; I think.

As mentioned, pluses are the ability to learn more about yourself, build confidence, become self reliant, stretch your comfort zone. Then there is the ability to see and do what you want on your travels without compromise to others (though it does sometimes mean making compromises to yourself due to some travel limitations as a solo - budget, safety, not making minimum numbers for an event to happen, etc.)

Negatives for me are doing what I want within a budget. I can do a lot of the travel and accommodations within budget, but at times, as there is only one, I can't afford to pay for an activity that is based on 2 or more, or that gets cancelled otherwise. For example, I am a bird watcher and sometimes, to go on a tour or hire a guide, I can't afford it as a solo person as it becomes a private event and at least twice as expensive. Occasionally I take group tours and if I am the only one signed up for an optional trip, it is cancelled so I miss out. I do group tours when logistics or timing is too complicated and the optional trip is not always something that is easy to organize on my own.

Another plus of solo travel is that the world is totally open to you. Your interests can be indulged and you can spend non travel time researching your next place. I have a bucket list not only with just places to visit, but also routes and trips already pencilled in.

Solo travel can also give more opportunities to engage with locals or other travelers, as you won't be engaged with your travel partner. Sometimes traveling as 2 or 3 creates your own little bubble that doesn't allow for others to penetrate. Now, this can be a plus or minus depending on your point of view.

Solo travelers are also going to be more likely to be independent planners, because relying on group tours becomes costly due to single supplements. Not all tours require a single supplement, but often those that do not are just priced higher to start with.

So, as a new traveler, here are some tips. I still use a guide book while researching a new place and I recommend it for new travelers. Even if it is slightly out of date - you can get them from the library. The value isn't always the hotels, restaurants or things to do listed, but the info at the front and back that doesn't change a lot. Safety, electrical needs, driving rules, how to get around. Quite a few things that we don't even know we need to know; so don't think to research them on line. I do a mix of book and on line research but more and more leave the book at home, or just cut out the relevant parts (like maps). Not everywhere I travel has web or phone access and I am not cell phone savvy enough yet to figure out how to store everything offline.

Other tips can be found on the right of this forum list in the Top questions. They are only visible in the full web version of TripAdvisor - not the app or via mobile site. These appear on many forum pages so good places to look when in destination specific forums....or some of the other 'non destination' forums like Bargain Travel.

In the Hotel or Restaurant sections, you can sort reviews by 'solo traveler' which may give a helpful perspective; though I usually don't make decisions based on these.

I have done a variety of travel lengths in the past few years and I am lucky that I can sometimes get 4-5 weeks off in a stretch from work - though now they are talking about limiting to 2 weeks at a time. 4-5 weeks is tiring, and now that my big adventure trips to exotic places are out of my system, I can happily travel for shorter periods of time. As I like to maximize my airfare, I would PREFER to travel 2-3 weeks at a time, but will go for 6-10 days. If less than a week, however, I rarely fly; I drive.

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5. Re: Good Things About Solo Travelling

By the looks of it, you started your own Solo Travel plan about a week ago and you are well along the way....


While I can appreciate a little last minute nervousness, I think that's to be expected. Maybe it's nervousness or maybe it's anticipation? Either way, there is nothing wrong with traveling alone or doing things alone or planning to do things alone. I left this post on the forum not long ago... good inspiration for those like you.


Here's another.


Congratulations on planning your first trip and Good Luck, Safe Travels!

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6. Re: Good Things About Solo Travelling

Hi nanggroe ~ Welcome to the solo travel forum and to solo traveling! I retired earlier than my friends and decided if I was going to live my dream of traveling, I'd better do it alone. After my first solo adventure, I wish I hadn't waited to go solo.

I would ditto all that others have said - especially the sense of being empowered! Without negotiating how to spend my time and money with others, my travel experience has reached the optimal level. I do a heck of a lot more research and learn much more about the destinations I choose and don't choose, which I find fascinating. I'm visiting places I only dreamed of, including places I had never heard of.

As far as costs go, I do miss out on all those 2-4-1 deals, which sort of ticks me off, and I don't get to share accommodation expenses. However, I find I eat quite differently as a solo traveler - willing to try local foods in local restaurants at local prices and not obligated to consume three complete meals a day. I choose to trade off the cost of accommodations for activities (which not all my friends are willing to do). I have musts (safety, location, cleanliness and a private bathroom), but am very willing to give up all the other amenities hotels offer for the lower price.

My travel budget allows for two "big" trips a year and 4-5 "small" trips a year. My big trips typically last 3-4 weeks and the small trips about a week or less. For small trips, I plan a solo adventure and then put it out to friends I think may want to join me. So sometimes these turn out not to be solo, but since I've planned them, they decide if this is the trip they want and go or not go. (I find that most of my friends aren't interested in putting in the research) I won't say I'm not flexible or considerate - I am. I do encourage them to feel free to do the things they want on the trip and if it is different than what I want, we can separate and rejoin for dinner, another activity, etc. (however no one ever does)

I tackle my apprehensions by being thoroughly researched. Often, by the time I've arrived in a destination, I have a very good idea of destination-specific safety precautions, how to navigate to my accommodations and sites, and what I want to do. I have itineraries for each day - though I find I flex off them to some degree. But don't get me wrong, I've gotten lost, gotten on the wrong bus, entered a bar that didn't feel right, - those are the moments I wished I had a friend to problem solve with. However, once the day was done, I'd literally pat myself on the back for figuring it out and turning around the mistake into a great day. (There's the empowerment for me!)

OK, so I'm finished yakking. I hope you found something helpful here... Enjoy your first solo adventure!!!

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7. Re: Good Things About Solo Travelling

This will pretty much echo what the others have said.

The good things, as you observed, is you are not dependent on what your friends want to do. My friends almost never want to go to the same places, or can't get the time off, or can't afford what I want to do. So I travel alone. Now that some of my friends have more availability, I find I don't even want to ask them, because I want the freedom.

Is it weird? Not at all. I've never encountered a serious problem. As Quiltingmomma notes, women traveling alone may attract more attention (for better or worse, depending on your perspective), sometimes only because it's unusual in some cultures for women to travel alone. (If I feel my personal safety is at stake, I have no problem lying to random people --not government officials-- about having a husband or children.) And as others have noted, it may preclude joining some tours that have a minimum number required.

Traveling alone requires common sense, but not necessarily more than you'd need in any major city, even at home. Be aware of what is going on around you. Don't be a target--don't wear fancy jewelry. Don't leave your things unattended.

I don't recall being scared, but I trust my gut. If anything makes me nervous, I don't do it.

Many vs. one: This is a very personal decision. For me, depends on how much time. When I was younger and could take 2 months off, I had the time to see multiple countries. A few years back, as an independent contractor I could take 3 weeks off at a time, which for me is good for one, or two adjacent, countries. Increasingly I prefer to spend more time in one country and see as much as I can. Now that I can only take 1-2 weeks vacation at a time, I may have to plan multiple trips to the same country to see what I want to see (which is annoying). The airfare is usually the most expensive single part of the trip, so when I go, I want to see as much as possible on that trip.

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8. Re: Good Things About Solo Travelling

Reasons to solo travel

- Do what you want, when you want, without having to compromise or please anybody else. It's all you - this leaves you completely 'free as the wind'

- It will grow your confidence immensely, and you will really begin to find yourself and learn what you are capable of. You may be a little scared at the beginning, but this will wear off quickly and will be replaced by curiosity and a niggle for adventure.

- You will make many friends all over the world. When travelling with people, you stay inside your little bubble without noticing much and become closed to the world around you. Travelling solo will open the world up and you will be much more receptive to what is happening around you, hence meeting many different wonderful people

- You will find what you do and don't love to do. Trying new things will define this more and more for you, and leave you much more open minded whether it's destination, food, accomdation, style of transport etc etc

Travelling solo

Starting off solo travel for most people is a little scary for some, and terrifying for others.

My tips would be - pick a place you think you'll like, read a little, check the transport links to the countries next door and then - GO! That's how I did it. Keep it simple.

The reason I say transport links is - if you hate it, you know how to get to the country next door, which you may like much more (this is where the little reading part comes in). Plus knowing the transport links means you will have an idea how to travel the neighbouring regions, so you can travel a few countries should you want to explore more.

Really, the best way is just to go. People will explain to you how it feels, you can read a million forums and blog posts, but in the end, the best way to find out is just pick a direction and go. You'll figure out the rest (along with a few other things) when you get there. I guarantee you won't look back - it's a nice old world out there.

9. Re: Good Things About Solo Travelling

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