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Shopping in the US

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Shopping in the US

Hello, I'm going to visit America in June this year, and I'm wondering which shopping malls are best to buy designer clothes and shoes. I have checked the outlet stores in http://www.outletsbug.com/ ,and since I have a limited budget, I wanna find a good balance between quality and price. I'm planning to visit Chicago, Boston, and New York City. Now I need some advice based on you travelers' personal experience. Any help would be appreciated!

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1. Re: Shopping in the US

Well I'm useless for designer clothes, but just in case you don't know, the sales tax is going to be different in each of those (MA is the lowest) and its added at the checkout counter so don't forget to factor that in when comparing prices. Happy shopping!

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Tokyo Prefecture...
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2. Re: Shopping in the US


Ottawa, Canada
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3. Re: Shopping in the US

I shop at outlet stores when I visit, but you usually need a car or check the us routes as they are not midtown. Also, they may have last year's models. I am not one to care about that.

But I would suggest you ask in each city's destination forum. NYC does have great shopping in town so I hear and have seen friends' blisters to prove it, but I don't know specifics. As well as asking where to shop in the specific citty, also ask them whether prices or selection is better in one of the other two cities. Given that NYC is the garment capital, I would think you would find more there. There is an entire garment district that might offer cuts or model sizes from local designers. If you sew, or know sewers, then there are stores just for buttons or ribbons or trims.

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4. Re: Shopping in the US


I agree that you will get the best information asking in the forums for each of the cities you have mentioned. I can only talk about NYC since I grew up there. Most folks who live there do not go to the outlet malls which are about an hour bus ride away.

They shop during sales at stores in the city itself. I know for example that Macys Department store gives discounts to foreign visitors if you show your passport at the store.

I don't know anything about shopping in Boston or Chicago.

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5. Re: Shopping in the US

I always thought Orchard Road in Singapore was the best place to shop for designer gear?

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6. Re: Shopping in the US

I know it's not directly related - but several states do not tax clothing. I've been fortunate to live in 2 such states - Minnesota and Pennsylvania. So, in some cases, a consumer can save 6-8% off the final price, by not paying a sales tax.

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7. Re: Shopping in the US

Quiltingmama brings up a good point. If you do post in the destination forums, do mention the car/no car situation. I have no idea about Chicago, but if you have no car NYC will likely be much more productive than Boston. Boston has some decent shopping downtown but nothing like the variety you can get to with public transport in NYC. Getting to some of the nice malls in the suburbs by bus can be very slow.

Nevertheless, we do get a fair number of international visitors intent on shopping. Here's a couple of the recent threads to get you started:




Edit: re sales tax bk_t1's post reminded me. I was a bit simplistic. In MA also most clothes up to a certain price are tax free but expensive clothes may not be. So probably best to just do a web search and see what applies to you. Hope I haven't caused more confusion!

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8. Re: Shopping in the US

and then there are the 5 states that do not have a sales tax on anything ! Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and my own beloved Oregon. C'mon over-it's so beautiful here, you wont' want to waste your time shopping anyway :) Well, wherever you go and whatever you do, enjoy your time in the U.S.

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9. Re: Shopping in the US

@Leagle ""I always thought Orchard Road in Singapore was the best place to shop for designer gear?"'

I can attest to the above!

I so agree w/ Riff M, Macy's has great sales, I have found quite a few bargain's, also check the promotional codes one can find on-line for Macy's.

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10. Re: Shopping in the US

I have visited a few outlet malls. If you want to find good deals it's probably the place to go.



Quite often they are out of the center and you might need a car (but not always, for the Mall of America close to Minneapolis you just need to take the tram).

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