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Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

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Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016


This is my first post. I'm in my mid-30s and I have been doing a ton of research to find a tour group for affluent, singles in my age group. I am a CEO of a company and I do not have a budget so nothing is off limits. I understand that I am fortunate to be able to afford any type of trip but I cannot be the only single woman in my age group whose friends cannot afford to travel and stay at the best hotels, fly first class, and spend money freely. I was thinking about St Barts but I do not want to be bored. I went to London in March and stayed at a suite in the Mayfair Hotel, which was amazing. So I am looking for something along those lines.

Any advice or help would be great. Maybe I should create a site where others in my age group in a similar situation can meet up and go on vacation together!!

Thank you.

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1. Re: Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

Have you considered a safari?

It sounds like you would like a bit of company, and your comment about being bored in St Barts suggests you might want a bit more to do than lie on the beach.

Safari camps are pretty sociable places where you go out on game drives morning and evening with other guests, then have the middle of the day to relax on your own. Meals are often eaten together with other guests, managers and guides, which is a fun, dinner party type atmosphere- although it is often the most expensive camps which don't do this and have separate dining so I would be careful about choosing only the most expensive ones.

One suggestion for January would be Botswana. There's a group of safari camps called Wilderness Safaris and from Nov to Jan, some of their most expensive safari camps are on special offer, including Little Mombo which is one of the most famous safari camps in the world. I know money is no object, but no one is immune to a bargain and these camps are on half their usual rates at this time (and no single supplement). Other camps worth looking at in the offer are Vumbura Plains or Little Vumbura, Chitabe and Duma Tau or Kings Pool.

January is a good time for Kenya. I'd look at Mara Plains, a camp owned by Great Plains conservation in a conservancy adjacent the Masai Mara. Also Saruni Samburu is an incredibly beautiful camp in Samburu, a park further north in Kenya. see http://www.sarunisamburu.com/.

Beho Beho is a wonderful camp in Selous in Tanzania, which is very easy to combine with some beach time in Zanzibar or Mafia. I was there in January this year. It is very hot at that time, and I would perhaps suggest a different time of year but the camp itself and the people were amazing.

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2. Re: Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

Hi Sonya,

Welcome to the Solo Travel Forum.

This may not be the best forum for you, however, if you are looking for travelling on a group tour or want to travel with a stranger.

Many of us have been trying for years to get TA to set up an escorted group tour forum but it is just not going to happen.

The Senior Travel Forum seems the closest with many posts comparing tour groups, some luxurious, but that clearly is not your demographic.

On the other hand, this forum is full of posters who love to travel on their own, doing what they want, where they want when they want. For me, not having to compromise is the ultimate luxury.

From your saying that you are worried about being bored in St. Bart's, I am guessing that lying on a beach is not your thing, but do you dive or snorkel?

The Palau Pacific Resort in Palau (in the South Pacific just west of Guam) is friendly and has the best diving and snorkelling I have ever seen in years of travelling to snorkel. It is much better than the Caribbean.

The resort even has some interesting snorkelling straight of the beach as well as tennis courts and a good and very friendly beach bar. The island is a tropical paradise with small rock islands in the main harbour where you can be dropped off for a day.

When I was there it did not seem to be a honeymoon destination (which makes a place rather tedious for solo travellers) but was also a hangout for the local expats who, IME, were delightful.


I find Japan endlessly interesting and there certainly is luxury there for those who can afford it, both in western hotels (See Lost in Translation) and high end ryokens and whilst it will be cold in winter the Japanese are superb at making seasons work for them. Sitting in an osen surrounded by snow is amazing.

I find the sense of safety, efficiency and public courtesy in Japan very restful.

My trips to Japan are booked through an English company (with a branch in the US) called Inside Japan.

They do small group tours (including luxury tours), but I arrange tailored trips, setting the itinerary and choosing experiences with their very knowledgeable advice. Inside Japan then sorts out the logistics.

My Japanese is limited to 8 words, but the signs in railway stations, street signs in most places and information signs at tourist sights are in English as well as Japanese and I have little problem navigating.

If you want sun in January you need to head south at least to near the equator if not some way south of the equator.

Sydney is a joy and the weather in January is warm. Further north, it may be too hot and your need to check (and avoid) box jellyfish season, but Melbourne and Tasmania might also interest you.

If you are interested in Aboriginal art both Sydney and Melbourne are good places to educate yourself.

If you are open to solo travel and let us know more of your interests, we may be able to make more specific recommendations.

Stokeygirl posts as I was writing, but I certainly second her idea of a safari. I found safari camps very friendly to a solo traveller.

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3. Re: Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

Well group travel is quite the opposite of solo travel...

But I like the safari idea by Stokeygirl. I loved doing safaris (though in tents, whereas you will probably be able to afford lodges) and seeing more of Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia. For example Zanzibar is interesting with lots of history, sultans' palaces, spice tours, beaches.

I took a 3 day guided cultural tour with this guy: http://www.tanzaniaculturaltours.com/

It was fantastic. 4000 year old rock paintings, eat and dance with locals, visit a natural spring etc. He can make a custom-made tour adapted to your every wish, including safaris.


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4. Re: Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

I think you'll have more luck starting with a destination or activity first and then searching for luxury departures or accommodation once you've narrowed it down a bit. (If you're searching for luxury travel in a general way you'll have to weed through every option imaginable, most of which won't be interesting to you). One big question really is, do you want a group for company? If you're willing to go it alone, you can tailor private tours and the best accommodation pretty much anywhere.

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5. Re: Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

I realize that as a CEO you may have little free time, but if you have a hobby or interest, you may be able to meet with like minded people while on vacation, thus reducing the bored factor. Find your luxe accommodation and mode of travel but arrange to do something during the day that suits your hobby/interests. At times it is easier to meet up with busy no budget local folks in the evenings with special food or wine events, opera, whatever.

As mentioned, safari is an interesting option and there are numerous luxury lodgings....even canvas, but not tents. Think Out of Africa with private butler and plunge pools. Or consider other unique, but perhaps not as luxe travels. Antarctica, the Arctic for aurora borealis or polar bears. Tauk tours seem to cater to the affluent, but not sure what ages...I believe many are older.

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6. Re: Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

The Maldives have the ultimate in Luxury but you won't find tour groups. It still is amazing and has a lot to offer and would have people in your age group.

To follow the safari theme there are some amazing 'camps' with infinity pools over looking great plains and hills.

As said, you can find luxury in almost anywhere you care to go so deciding on something of interest to give you a destination would be a good first step.

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7. Re: Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

If you can get away for 3 weeks take a look at TCS Private Jet tours around the world.

Like you, I have been a solo traveler many times in my life with unlimited (more or less..haha) budgets. I have taken two TCS trips in the past and there were others of like mind on the trips.

Budget should be about 80k to 130k for the 3 weeks. But it is well worth it!

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8. Re: Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

<< I went to London in March and stayed at a suite in the Mayfair Hotel, which was amazing. So I am looking for something along those lines.>>

Paris !

You can take wine tasting classes at places like O'Chateau


Do guided cooking classes where you go to the street markets, buy all the ingredients and go cook the food. Or a Food Tour. Lots of options for that like




Lots and lots of walking tours.

Day trips out of the city to visit Chateaus, Vineyards, etc.

You can do it all in luxury and spend as much as you want. Some very luxurious hotels in Paris.




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9. Re: Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

Consider Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Great combination of relaxation and the city with plenty to see and do. You will also find lots of luxury hotels like the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi which is an experience in its self. See my trip report for further information:-



Abu Dhabi


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10. Re: Looking for an ultra luxurious vacation spot in January 2016

Take a look at Elite Traveler Magazine (Luxury Travel), something there might interest you.