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Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

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Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

For a long time I thought budget travelling was universal, meaning as long as you are ok with staying in hostels and sharing rooms with strangers you can pretty much travel to anywhere in the world. This apparently is not case. And unfortunately this is a make all-break all factor for travelling. If you can't travel to a country without spending $100 USD or more on accomodation per night, you cant really visit the country on a travellers budget.

Countries with backpacker accomodation and hostels are those countries with long histories and huge traffic of young, post-school, pre-work travellers. These include (from my current knowledge) the following:

Most of Europe: UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria

Asia: China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong (limited), Most of South East Asia where backpacking is very popular!

Oceania: New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands (limited)

South and Central America where backpacking is extremely popular

Countries and continents I currently dont know about:

North America


Middle East


Can anyone help with This?

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1. Re: Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

Maybe I'm missing something, but what are you actually asking? Are you looking for suggestions on destinations, or how to budget?

Please bear in mind not every solo forum contributor is a backpacker. Many here travel out of season to stretch their personal budget.

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2. Re: Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

$100 US is more than enough to stay in hotels much of the year in Rome and most of Spain.

Off season it's enough for even Venice,

Germany? Is relatively cheap.

France outside of Paris shouldn't be an issue if you avoid events or other high season times.

That's not hostels. That's hotels.

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3. Re: Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

I also can't quite understand your question. I don't use hostels, but often succeed in geting short let apartment rentals (no sharing) for my personal budget of $100Cdn....much harder to do in Canada or US than overseas. I have compared, and this is cheaper than a private room in a hostel.

Many countries have 2 star family run lodgings with private rooms for half your budget.

Time of year and knowledge of accommodation options can stretch your budget.

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4. Re: Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

I would add Nepal and India to the Asia list (and you are quite right to leave out Bhutan).


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5. Re: Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, etc. need to be on the list. Most of Europe should (you do say "most" but don't list these countries). In Croatia, for example, you can easily find beautiful places for well under €50. Hostels would be less.

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6. Re: Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

I also don't understand the question. Or your list. What are you asking for help with?

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7. Re: Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

It depends entirely on your own personal definition of what "budget" is. Less than £20 a night? Less than £10? Even in cities considered the world's most expensive to live in you'll get a bed in a hostel for a lot less than $100 a night.

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8. Re: Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

I am also confused about your question(s). Why can't you do some research on google- all of North America Africa Middle East Russia have lots of websites with prices for hotels, hostels, campgrounds etc.

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9. Re: Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries


i think you have a good title for a book going.

Like many things in life, budget is relative. Im surprise you put the number in USD and not BPS?

Everyone has their own idea of budget and affordable. My lodging target for my trips is < 100 USD/Night. its not like i must achieve it or exceed it, its just a number i pulled out of my A$$ at that time when i began my travels. Its my money so i can change that number when i choose to. Just as you can for your budget. Most of the time i have come under that number and a few times i have exceeded it too.

My budget will be different than anyone else budget. Even for someone working at the same place, it would be different. My life and needs will be different than theres and yours. Then you have the people that want more luxurious accommodations.

for what its worth, travel is more than lodging. It everything else too and the small things. A 2 buck bottle of water isnt that much, but how many per day and add that up over the duration of your trip or an extended trip and it can add up.

im sure you can find something affordable up to a point, but that will vary with the person and what they think is affordable to them and their budget.

good luck

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10. Re: Non-Backpacking or Budget Travelling Countries

Darren- just so you can get more info, do you know there is the Tripadvisor Budget Travel Forum ? More expisure, more opinions.... Tripadvisor Air travel forum...

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