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is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

Kent, United Kingdom
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is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

for a solo traveler, first time at 36 years old...

Ranch holiday in the USA, 8 days, coming from the uk, for 1 person only.

all for £3.7k.

breakdown of cost:

Ranch = $2500 (£1925 approx)

Tax and single supplement at ranch = £0 (included)

Gratuity = £250 (£192.50 approx)

Flights = £1200

Cabs = $300 (£225 approx)

Overnight hotel on 4th = £75

Insurance = £50

TOTAL = £3700 approx (adding more to total for exchange rate etc)

it looks too much compared to holidays you see advertised in the paper. but when going through travel agents and their ranch holidays package, this is really cheap.

the above is not a package, its a DIY researched by me. the insurance includes flights and end-supplier failure.

what do people think? is it still too much?

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1. Re: is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

Its all relative, if you want to do it and can afford it then go ahead and do it. Last year I went to Boston and it cost a bomb but the memories I have got are pricelss x This year I have cruised by myself which was expensive but again I think memories and enjoyment are worth more than money in the bank. Enjoy!

Kent, United Kingdom
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2. Re: is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

thanks vegas36. how much did you pay for them pay i ask?

is the DIY route ok to do? i spoke to travel agents and asked if they can make a better offer, they couldn't. one even suggested i proceed with my own.

£3.7k though, gosh. my salary is £21k. i remember paying £1.5k for a cruise 5 years ago. i enjoyed it but that was basically a months' pay!

i just dont want to spend much more if people can find cheap deals, but this is a ranch holiday thats unique and i wanted to go on a ranch for 3 years!

edit: should say, that if this was £1k cheaper, i'd do it without a second thought. its the cost holding me back. but then the alternative is spending the holidays at home

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r c
Portland, Oregon
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3. Re: is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?


If you have the details nailed down, i dont see why you wouldnt do it.

since i live here and know how to get around and do things, i maybe able to shave off some $$. I have my own car, but i dont like to drive, so if that dude ranch is in another state,i would probably fly and get a car or if the ranch had pickup i would do that. Of course if i were to rent a car, chances are it would sit at the ranch since i would rather be on horseback anytime. So a taxi/shuttle maybe worth it.

i personally think its always better to do it yourself, unless there is some reason not to.

i know you all dont tip in Europe and the UK or its included in the bill, but even locally the tip will depend on what and if whatever was purchased was any good. Sometimes i feel that a good shout out about your trip or stay is much better than a tip. Or if you come back again and again, that speaks way louder than words or a tip. A repeat customer is a happy customer.

good luck

Kent, United Kingdom
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4. Re: is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

thanks r c. the gratuity fee is mandatory for visiting this ranch. i been emailing them for a week asking them questions and they convinced me to go.

i have my passport and ESTA approved, so no problems there.

but, i cant drive, reason being is because i never really needed to drive back home with my job and life.

i asked about hidden fees and there is none.

i'm asking for help. what can i say to convince myself to go, if the cost or fear of flying for the first time is holding me back?

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5. Re: is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

For my Boston trip I went to a travel agent first but when she was still adding up figures at 4 grand I said stop! I came home and booked flights, transfers, hotel etc by myself and it was less than half the t.a. price.

Things are expensive for solo travelling cos with things like taxis and hotel rooms you pay the same as if there were 2 sharing. But I would now rather go by myself and do what I want when I want ( this includes having a drink or two! )

For my cruises I have been satisfied with a cruise agent, don't think we can say the name on here.

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Kent, United Kingdom
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6. Re: is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

see vegas, you only spend £2k on your boston trip. was it for a week? that seems reasonable. plus its in a city thats easily accessible.

my ranch requires a flight with one stop/connection, plus a 2hr cab ride.

theres simply no way i can get my cost down any further.

i really need help in getting myself to do this because its dominating my thoughts right now!!

been wanting to do it for years.

i'm not exactly rich but i have saved up quite abit.

i hear people having amazing holidays on triple figures, it makes me wonder how they do it when you factor in flights and stays.

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7. Re: is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

Just less than a week, I am getting the feeling, correct me if Im wrong, that you really want to do the trip and are looking for ways to justify it to yourself. Well stop, just go for it!

As I said first, its all relative, my income ( oap) is alot less than yours and as I am alot older than you I realise you have to do things now! You will not regret it but later on you might regret not doing it

Ottawa, Canada
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8. Re: is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

In have questions....like where is this ranch and have you comparison shopped? Have you considered asking for recommendations in the state forums that offer ranch deals? Have you looked for ranch vacations in Canada which might be cheaper?

If you are set on this one, then I would ask on the destination specific forum what their opinion is.

I wander the world
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9. Re: is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

Rockstar, only you can say if it is worth it.

Safari in Africa in on my list and 5000/10000 for 10 days is a HEAP of cash but it would TOTALLY be worth it even though I would go to many places on the planet for 8 or more weeks with that kind of cash.

Back in the day, I worked for several guest ranches, that vary wildly in the way things work. I mean gourmet food versus ranch food alone would be a cost difference. Would you mind offering the name of the place?

England, United...
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10. Re: is this a good deal or do you think it's too much?

Sometimes you've just got to bite the bullet and spend the money if it's something you really want to experience and it sounds like you have picked the exact things you want.

I trust that the insurance covers accidents and repatriation? That is vital.

Are you sure of the authenticity of the experience? Have you read the reviews? Have you asked on the forums? If you've done all your research to ensure that everything is right then do it. It may not be available or possible or different if you wait.

I've done that twice. 3yrs lol to find a boat trip up the Amazon that wasn't commercialised. Absoloutely amazing and the most I've ever spent on a trip. That was a lifetime thing.

I set off to Australia for 6 weeks when I hadn't got a job. I joked that if anything happened that needed money thereafter I was scuppered. A few days after returning I lay in bed and listened to tiles slipping down the roof and instead of worrying I just laughed because my memories were forever and tiles could be fixed - eventually. No regrets.

The rest of the time it's mostly waiting for a really good deal. Just sometimes in life you've just got to do it because it's what you always wanted.

BTW I;ve had a couple of friends one goes riding in the Camargue and another to a ranch in Argentina. Once started they go every couple of years so you'd better start saving as soon as you get back ;)

It's a lot of money but that's why you go to work. To get the things you really want and an experience like this beats a new gadget or just stuff that will be gone in a year. This is something you'll remember the rest of your life.

Then come back and tell us if you think it was worth it ;-)

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