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Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

San Antonio, Texas
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Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

Any comments on going to Dublin solo? I've traveled outside the US numerous times but not alone......I've heard Dublin is safe & no car required. That's what I want!

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I wander the world
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1. Re: Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is delightful as the is whole of the island, easy to navigate and the people are fantastic.

Please do visit the Dublin forum to get more responses from the local TA members.

I believe safe is more about who a person is than where they are, behave in a safe manner and chances are all will be well.

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2. Re: Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is as safe as any major city, you still need to use common sense but overall perfectly safe for someone on there own.

If you are based in Dublin for your whole stay then you definitely do not need a car. The city center is very walkable and lots of public transport options.

r c
Portland, Oregon
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3. Re: Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland


"Any comments on going to Dublin solo? I've traveled outside the US numerous times but not alone......I've heard Dublin is safe & no car required. That's what I want!"

Safe is relative. bring your common sense with you can that will help. To me if you think you can just walk around and not paying attention to your surrounding then you can have issues.

no car required is relative. What do you want to do and go? travel books have alot of info in them and may have info as to how to get there. If you want, at the top of the board is a "things to do and see". heres a link, but you need a desktop to see the link.


if you are not sure, you can look at a map of Ireland and see where things are in relation to Dublin.

Dublins core area isnt that large and its easy to get around via public transportation and walking. The time i was there in 2012, i used the Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) bus since it went everywhere i needed to go. Also used the light rail a few times too and the regional train once.

There are many other places i have visited in Europe and they were all safe in my opinion and easy to get around.. Im not sure what you expect or have read, but when you start reading about places you need to vet the sources and then also look at WHEN they were written. Sometimes that info is years out of date.

You really need to do some research on them and get some travel books. Some of your assumptions are just that. If you are use to sitting behind a wheel in San Antonio, thats fine. But what i have found out in my travels is that many cities have a nice public transportation system and travel books usually have something like "getting around city name" and you will have an idea on what you need to do. If you are google maps savvy, take a look at any city you can think of and look at what is on the map. You may find subways, lightrail, buses. Worse case, google "public transportation in Dublin" and see what comes up. You can do that for many places. The answer may not be the #1 so you may have to filter out the adds vs the info.

I have been traveling for about 6 years now and have yet to rent a car. I have used tours and private guides to get around, but they also offer more than a car - they offer info. One day i will be renting a car, but for now, if you spend most of your time in the cities, you should be able to get by without one, but it will depend on what and where you want to go.

good luck

Western Ireland...
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4. Re: Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

Have travelled about Ireland & Dublin for years, (my home is in Ireland).

Dublin is a vibrant city, though most important to pre check events before booking your flights as accommodations can be booked up if there is an event on such as sports or music. Dublin is totally booked up for Pope Francis's upcoming visit this August.

Great walkable city & public transportation system.

National Museums free though closed on Mondays.

My mantra for travel .

Precautions same as anywhere including your home town.

When in doubt, don't.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

London, United...
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5. Re: Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a great place for a solo traveller.

If you play a portable musical instrument bring it. There are pubs where live music is provided by the pub goers and participants are always welcome (as is an audience).

If you sing you may be asked to contribute a song.

Check an up to date guidebook for where to go.

Talking is a national sport in Ireland (called craic) and you will only be as solitary as you want to be.

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6. Re: Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

With the big disclaimer that I've never been to Ireland... I have found major cities to be "safe & no car required". I've done it in Amsterdam, Venice, Paris, without much pre-planning and had great trips.

I think "solo" and "safe" is more about the person, how you plan, how you act, than about the particular destination (within reason!).

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San Antonio, Texas
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7. Re: Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

Thank you!

San Antonio, Texas
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8. Re: Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

Love your info! Thx

West Hartford...
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9. Re: Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

I just visited Dublin and loved it. I was not alone, but I left knowing I wanted to come back on my own (I actually prefer solo travel). It's easy to navigate and felt very comfortable. I did a few day tours with Wild Rover and noticed there were a few solo travellers on those tours with us, so I think you will be just fine. Also I booked a 2 day hop on hop off bus and used it to get around to the areas that were a bit far for walking. Enjoy!

Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: Solo travel to Dublin, Ireland

I agree with the previous contributors. I explored Dublin this June by myself. Use common sense, keep your belongings with you,not leaving them on a seat next to you. Don't show all your money. Take the red or green Hop off/On Bus which is ideal to see where the most interesting sights are. The local buses are frequent and take coins, not notes. People are very helpful and friendly as every country I have found. It is a marvellous city to walk around with museums in side streets & little cafes. There are free guided walks which start from the Millennium Spire in O'Connell St near the GPO.I took the one at 11am which passed Dublin castle and St Patrick's cathedral amongst other places. Wear comfortable shoes, sunhat and water bottle. I also suggest visiting the Book of Kells in the library at Trinity College, Kilmainham Jail for Dublin History, the GPO museum, the writers museum, the national museum in Kildare St and have a picnic on St Stephen's Green.The weather was so warm and sunny that I was sunburnt on my arms, and for me, being an Australian, that was a surprise as I was told it always rains. HAHA. A very enjoyable and safe city.

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