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Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

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Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

Are there any young solo travellers that stay in hostels but not bothered about meeting people/ making new friends. Just spending all day alone doing whatever you want and then the evening a nice meal and early bed to watch Netflix or something, everyone else seems always want to socialise and party but I'm not really that bothered and I enjoy being alone. Am I weird??

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1. Re: Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

no you aren't weird.there are all different kinds of travelers.

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2. Re: Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

Not talking to people is a bit weird, but wanting to go out and do things alone is not. Not everyone is into the "visit exotic places and get drunk" thing.

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3. Re: Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

You lost me with the young bit -)

r c
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4. Re: Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

I'm not young anymore and need my 8 hours of sleep, even at home.

I dont "party" never have and never well. Its just not wired into me.

I do and may socialize depending on where and when but i dont do it at the cost of my rest. I have stayed at hostels but not for what others my think i used the for, i look for inexpensive places to stay near the center of where i want to go and do things, so if a hostel is inexpensive and near where i want to stay, i do. I have also stayed at hostels to see what its all about and how the room are for a solo travelers. I should say that i will only stay in a single/double room. No dorm or bunk rooms for me.

The most i have socialized on my trips, so far was in CPH doing the "dinner with the danes", in Rome, the hotel owners and their kids and then in SP at a military museum last year where one of the solders was giving me a personal tour of the museum.

there is no reason you can do as you want. Sometimes i feel like being alone and so i do. If i do so, i wont plop myself down in the middle of a crowd. I look for someplace isolated.

good luck.

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5. Re: Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

I don't think it is weird at all. It's your trip, you paid for it, you sould do whatever it is that makes you happy in my opinion.

When I travel alone sometimes I do exactly what you describe but yet other times I enjoy heading out and meeting new people. Basically I do whatever I feel like doing at the time.

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6. Re: Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

No, you are not weird although you may be in a minority. Not every culture mandates that anybody you meet is your new best friend. People travel also to be able to behave in ways that are not possible or are disapproved in their own milieu. For many it may involve excessive alcohol and wild partying in dangerous ways but you do not have to join in. In some cultures being introvert may be frowned at. The point of solo travel is that you can do things that please you.

I must admit that over the years I have become more tolerant and I'm now willing to have more often a chat with people who do not appear to be my kind of people. Sometimes you are positively surprised, sometimes not.

It is often said that guest houses are more sociable places than hotels. it might be that people pay a premium to stay in hotels to get that piece of additional privacy.

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7. Re: Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

It is not weird. There are many similarities with the way i travelled when I considered myself young. I never sought out social activities, I used to go and read a book, as there was no internet then. I also used to use hotels in order to have a bit more privacy and space.

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8. Re: Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

It's not weird. It's mostly the media that emphasises that youngsters should party.

At 17 I had a beautiful summer sitting on a canal bank reading, watching water voles and dragon flies, walking the dog along the towpaths and resevoirs etc. My Grandmother I was visiting was worried I should be with people my own age 'enjoying myself'. I've done that at numerous stages of my life and enjoyed it but have almost always been happy in my own company and enjoyed those bits too.

I do mix and talk, have a bit of fun but other peoples idea of fun isn't mine often. Then I like my own space to do my own thing in my own time. There are quite a lot of people like that - but it's not as noticeable as a big group kicking up their heels.

Creative people are often happy in their own company.

In these days when we are being constantly bombarded by media and advertising to be in constant touch with each other it's a good thing to take time out.

If you totally cut yourself off from everyone most of the time that may be a problem but you are staying with others in hostels or hotels.

You do what makes you happy. if it's not hurting anyone else - no problem

Author and philosopher Mark Vernon said ‘One of the fundamental distinctions between people is whether he££ is other people or he££ is solitude. It’s pretty much a 50-50 split. For extroverts, being around other people isn’t wearing, it’s stimulating. Introverts need time alone to be in their head.’

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9. Re: Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

I've never midned having a chat to locals or fellow travellers that I happen to meet, but I don't go looking to make friends. I didn't do that in my 20's because I had enough friends at home, even though i travelled quite a lot by myself.

I've always been happy with my own company.

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10. Re: Is anyone else an unsociable traveller?

I love my own company (no surprise there, tee hee!)

I do like a good 'socialise' and fun with others when I am in the mood!


Hell is other people, isn't it?