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4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?

Brampton, Canada
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4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?

Hey everyone!

Heading to Europe for the first time in my life! Very excited! Going for 4 weeks (mid Sep - mid Oct). Visiting the following 10 places (in order): Rome, Venice, Interlaken, Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam, Munich, Prague, Vienna, & Budapest.

Just had a few questions:

- Will 4 weeks be enough time?

- Is a €5000 budget enough?

- Are there any other places you would recommend visiting?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help everyone. I really appreciate it! Much love!

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1. Re: 4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?

1) No. Ignoring travel that's less then three days per city.

2) Does €5000 include your flight? If not then you've got almost €170 per day. That should be plenty but you're moving around a lot and all that moving costs money. Will you be in Munich for Octoberfest? Between that Paris and the Swiss stop you might have budget trouble.

Add??? You should be dropping. Most of those are large capital cities worthy of more then a pit stop.

But you've skipped Berlin. Hamburg. London. ...

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2. Re: 4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?

Assuming you have 28 days, maths suggest you have 2.8 days per city. In reality that will be less, because you also need to account for the time you'll be spending getting from one place to another. When thinking about that, remember that while the rail journey between Paris and Bruges will only be a few hours, you also have to account for getting to and from the railway stations, plus checking out of and settling into your accommodations.

So, every time you move it will take roughly half a day at a minimum (where a day is based on sightseeing hours of 0900-1700). I don't think that 4 weeks is enough to enjoy all of the places you want to visit. It's not just the cities themselves but the surrounding places that interest me, such as Cesky Krumlov from Prague, Versailles from Paris, and Ghent from Bruges.

Even without those, I don't think that a couple of days is anywhere enough for cities like Paris, Amsterdam and Rome. You will barely scratch the surface of what they have to offer. At best you will only get a taste of them. If that's soemthign you don't mind, and you want to spend a lot of time in transit, then go for it. I think it will help you to decide for sure if you write out your plans ind etail as follows:

Day 1 Arrive in Paris from Canada. Travel to hotel, check in and walk around Montmartre

Day 2 Go up the Eiffel Tour, visit the Louvre and Notre Dame.

Day 3 Take a trip to Versailles.

Day 4 Take the train to Bruges via Brussels. Leave hotel at 1000 arrive at 1330 and check in at 1400.

and so on.

Budget wise, it may be enough for you, but it all depends on your travel style. As nzentena said, the more you move the more money you have to spend.

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r c
Portland, Oregon
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3. Re: 4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?


>>>>.....- Will 4 weeks be enough time? <<<<<<

only you can answer this once youre done.

you say this is your first trip. Well, look at it as a learning experience. How many "first things" have you done where you knew up front if you would like it or not? travel is no different.

So, if you want to do this trip do it and learn from it - good or bad.

i try to use the KISS principle as much as possible. So ASSUMING (you know what ASSUMING does?) you give each place equal time and divide the days by places, it gives you 38 days/10 places ~ 2.8 days/place.

Are you aware you will loose 1 full day traveling there? I hope you take that into account someplace.

when you move your base, you will loose at the minimum 1/2 day doing so.

now, that 2.8 days is just on paper. We dont have transporters, yet, so you do have to use some of those 2.8 day to travel from A to B to C...ect. If you done your homework and figured out some path, you may minimize that travel time. If you havent, then that 2.8 days per place, may end up 2 or < 2 days somewhere.

Look at this site. seat61.com for alot of good train info.

also, i would get some travel book on each place you wish to go and readup whats there. those books will have alot of your answers you dont know you will need. Things like how to get from this city to this place. How much is that? When is it open?

>>>> - Is a €5000 budget enough? <<<<

again, using the kISS principle and assuming equal $$ spent in equal place....

E5000/28 days ~ E178/day.

well, you dont say what that E5k covers, so i will ASSUME (again) that it will cover EVERYTHING. it makes thing easier for me. Just going by what i have spent from my last 6 trips, i would say your e5k good. But i am not you and you are not me and our tastes, likes and what we like to do/see and stay will vary.

>>>> - Are there any other places you would recommend visiting? <<<<

Are you ASSUMING you wont be alive after this trip to come back and do another one?

for your first trip, i personally think you have enough on your plate. However, its YOUR trip, so if you want to add more then go for it.

Just a personal comment. If you do, i would make sure its nearby one of your 10 stops. That way you will be minimize your moving about. Or if it can be arranged as a stop between.

after you get done with this trip, you have to come back and report how things turn out. There are many newby travelers that have ambitious travel plans and never say how things turn out, what they learned and such. You aren't the only person to have ambitious plans, and it may give others more insight.

good luck.

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4. Re: 4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?

While this is not my kind of itinerary, I don't see why it can not be done.

I find how much money one needs depends on their tastes and habits, I can last alot longer on much less than some one who smokes and drinks, or someone who needs posh accommodation.

You will have a better idea on how much you need once you have researched price of accommodation, travel expenses and entry to the things you wish to see.

It maybe a grand adventure, enjoy yourself.

Wales, United...
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5. Re: 4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?

It can be done, most definitely, the question is whether it will be enjoyable or not. I'd guess that a young, energetic person who hasn't been to any of the places before will probably find it more fun than someone like me, who is older and prefers to take their time. I was much more adventurous myself to a certain extent forty years ago, but I still didn't really enjoy hopping about from place to place without spending much time in any of them.

I did it though because I wanted to take a look at as many cities and countries as possible, with a view to finding out what I liked and what I didn't like, so that I could come back to the places I enjoyed most for longer visits later on. So I understand the motivations of wanting to hit on as many countries and cities as possible, that's why I haven't said JonSnow shouldn't attempt it. But I do want them to think about themselves and whether a bit less will work out as a bit more, especially if they have concerns about budget.

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Brampton, Canada
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6. Re: 4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?

Thanks a lot for the feedback! €5000 not including the flight. Definitely want to be in Munich for Oktoberfest. Which cities would you suggest dropping?

Brampton, Canada
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7. Re: 4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?


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Ottawa, Canada
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8. Re: 4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?

What to drop? It would depend on your interests and what you plan to do, but I would suggest dropping Italy for this trip and most likely Interlaken only because it is one spot in the country and out of the way if you drop Italy. Or, if Italy is a must, then drop Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Basically, cinch in your geographical area of focus. I might even suggest you drop both PVB and Italy and visit secondary or 'tertiary' cities in the area between Paris and Munich. You will get an entirely different perspective of countries when you get out of the main tourist areas.

You don't mention your interests, so that might decide which of these 3 regions to make a priority.

If not including flights, then your 5000 Euro is adequate. If staying in hostels, perhaps more than adequate.

Don't use it for confirmed costing, but check out Rome2Rio website for methods of transport between places, length of travel time and a ballpark of costs.

Brampton, Canada
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9. Re: 4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?

(Sorry for the multiple replies, still adjusting to the site)

Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone! You guys mentioned some very helpful and great points.

It will be my first time travelling to Europe and my first time going solo. So, initially I was just thinking of seeing as much places as possible and then returning in the future to the places I really enjoyed.

But after reading everyone's comments, I think I do have too much on my plate and feel that I would just be skipping onto each place without really soaking everything in.

Also, if this helps, I wouldn't mind dropping some sight-seeing to get a taste of a more cultural experience but ideally, would like to experience a bit of both.

€5000 not including the flight. Would like to be in Munich for Oktoberfest. Which cities would you guys suggest dropping?

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10. Re: 4 weeks, 10 cities, crazy right?

If you're going to Munich and that's fixed then

You should go to Prague,Budapest and Vienna. The four form a neighborhood of sorts

Paris is likely the most expensive of your choices. Along with Interlaken. I'd likely drop them.

I wouldn't drop the both Italian stops. It's easy to get to Germany from Italy. It's cheap by air. It's also the only stops with weather better then Brampton -)