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Amoma is a SCAM and Fraud. Stay AWAY!!

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Amoma is a SCAM and Fraud. Stay AWAY!!

HEED THE WARNINGS!! JUST STAY AWAY!! Please heed these warnings!!

PLEASE LISTEN TO ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS ON Tripadvisor and all the other sites! You have been Warned. Don't waste your time!


Read from TripAdvisor!! Don't even think about this FRAUD Website!! We were thinking because we had some time to spare since we have some time before our trip. I'd just try this website. And they do POST some cheaper prices! This is a SCAM and all they will say is NO REFUND!! Definitely REGRETTING booking with this site!! IT'S NOT WORTH IT!! Don't waster your time or your money!!! They even try to say they don't have my money! I told them "REALLY??" Ok, that's not what PAYPAL and CREDIT CARD account says. Then they said once they got my money they give it to a third party hotel contractor!! How ridiculous they can try and say they don't have my money! This is the worst experience. You'd be better off with Agoda or any other site for that matter. I've even booked with CHINA hotel booking sites (for example ctrip) without this problem. This website is a pure scam! Yes, they are saying no refund! However they did not provide you with what you PAID for! I have made a reservation, but the hotel does not have my reservation! I have a bad feeling about this! I've tried to contact them for a week! I'm trying to make reservations and make all my plans but this is totally absurd! As we don't want to be left last minute with no hotel when we arrive we are confirming everything. But after a WEEK a hotel does not have our reservation and nothing under my name!! The doesn't even have our Hotel Booking Reference number!! I told them to just refund me if they aren't booking me a hotel, they just said no refunds!! PURE SCAM AND FRAUD!!! The HOTEL BOOKING REFERENCE number they tell you to give the hotel is a pure FAKE number. Hotel does not have your reservation. Then they say maybe a few days before your TRAVEL. Then Amoma said they do have your reservation but it's not in your name. They need to get the REAL hotel confirmation number and forward it to me. They keep telling you to wait a few days!

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1. Re: Amoma is a SCAM and Fraud. Stay AWAY!!

It’s very unfortunate you’ve used them, but it’s pointless exercise starting new threads if people dont read the dozens of existing threads

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2. Re: Amoma is a SCAM and Fraud. Stay AWAY!!

Yes, unfortunate. There are many hundreds of similar warnings but nobody chooses to research or check on Amoma before booking so they don’t see all the complaints and warnings until it’s too late. The regulars on this forum know about Amoma so don’t need to be warned.

I really do hope in the future someone, anyone, decides to check on them before booking. But every day there are new warnings posted....

I see you have been a member for a few years and have not used the forums until today. I hope you decide to participate on the Tripadvisor forums more as you can use the forums homepage link below to also research companies before using them.

You can also plan your trips using the forums. Every city, region, Island and country has its own travel forum on here. Plus there are other Beyond Destination forums on travel topics and themes. Here's the forums homepage link to save or bookmark -


You can search for a specific city forum by clicking on the magnifying glass search icon at the top right side of this website page. Then on the search bar - left side type in 'Forum' and on the right side replace "World" with a city name. The forum pages are best viewed on the full website, not the limited Tripadvisor APP. Or often it’s easier to go to Google and type in a city or country name and the words forum Tripadvisor, eg. Interlaken forum TripAdvisor or Northern Ireland forum Tripadvisor.

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3. Re: Amoma is a SCAM and Fraud. Stay AWAY!!

Yes, it's very unfortunate. Just sharing my experience and hopefully others like me that don't use the fourms much can be warned if it gets to them. I've just never experience a company as awful as this one. Good thing I still have a little time to make other accommodations. Since I've checked to confirm with the hotel ahead of time, since reading some of these reviews. Thanks for the advice!

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4. Re: Amoma is a SCAM and Fraud. Stay AWAY!!

They keep saying that I have my room and that the hotel room is confirmed with their contractor. Insisting that you believe them. The hotel booking reference number appears to absolutely be a FAKE. They are saying they will get the Real confirmation number from their contractor and keep telling me a few days. I've kept checking every few days and no luck. The last staff said they'd expedite it and told me in 2 days they will get the REAL number. And just checked with them today after giving them another 4 days and they have no news for me. And tell me to wait again. And NO Refund. They even tried to say we don't have your money! What a scam. I can't believe they are in business. What else can I do...

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5. Re: Amoma is a SCAM and Fraud. Stay AWAY!!

You must be a very special person.

Lots of people have been posting these warnings on TripAdvisor for years, but somehow they all completely passed you by.

Yet now you are making the warnings, you somehow miraculously expect that everyone in the world will be somehow magically attracted your warning and will heed it.

In the meantime, here is some free advice for the whole world now I have its attention: always pay for travel and hotels directly with a credit card (don't mess around with Paypal). Then if you get into a little local difficulty like this you can ask the credit card issuer to dispute the charge on the grounds that you have not received the service you paid for.

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6. Re: Amoma is a SCAM and Fraud. Stay AWAY!!

I'm far form being a fna of AMoma, but they way that they work means that the hotel is unlikely to have your personal details until shortly before your stay. The reference number is most probably Amoma's reference number with the fourth party that they use, and nothing to do with the hotel. Not at this stage, anyway, though I could be wrong.

It's possible that the wholesaler hasn't even managed to source a room at the price you saw advertised. There have been reports that what people thought was a booking was cancelled a week or two before the trip. That's what happens if Amoma's sub contractors can't find anything.

There are so many reasosn to avoid this company that I'm struggling to understand why yopu apparently ignored the bad reports about them and gave them a try anyway. Or have I misunderstood what you meant and you didn't actually see the negative reports?

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7. Re: Amoma is a SCAM and Fraud. Stay AWAY!!

Hi easter1600,

Upon looking into this matter I learned that our team is already dealing with this issue and will provide you with the necessary assistance.

Best regards,


AMOMA.com Support Team

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