Warm budget destinations in November/December 2018 no ZIKA

Hello fellow travelers!

I have a tough one here.. We have been planning a trip to Thailand in Nov/December 2018. The reasons we chose Thailand is because of the beautiful beaches, a variety of things to do, it being budget friendly, good food, rich culture and not having been to Asia before (except China). We have finally collected enough miles and vacation time to really start planning, then... we found out that there is Zika in Thailand. We are actively trying for a second baby, so this is probably not worth the risk. Granted, I was two months pregnant when we travelled to Brazil in 2015 before the whole Zika hell broke loose, and everything turned out fine. But now that I know, I am a little hesitant.

Now we need to decide where to go instead. After doing some research I put together a list of warm destinations in Nov/Dec and now trying to narrow it down. We have not been to any of these places before, except Hawaii where we have ben twice (Maui and Oahu). Hawaii










Another option would be to go on a cruise. I feel that the risk of getting Zika is much lower on a cruise (just my opinion).

Can someone please provide some feedback on these destinations in terms of weather, costs, cultural and natural attractions and easy of getting to? I am a little lost..

We do have a 3 year old traveling with us, and a we are generally very active.

Thank you!!