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Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

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Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

This checkbox and then matching the pictures is a confusing UI and should be removed or changed to something much more intuitive and less frustrating. It sometimes comes up in a modal dialog and you can't see all the images and you cannot get out of it or get by it. Very frustrating and makes me not want to use the site any more. Please come up with a better way to determine that the reviews are not auto-generated...

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1. Re: Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

Agree. It's extremely difficult or impossible for me to use.

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2. Re: Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

The problem is that "bots" these days are very sophisticated. They can get past the old Captcha checks. Newer "not a robot" verification processes like TA is using are, unfortunately, what needs to be done to avoid the "bots".

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3. Re: Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

@Lionfan91, I understand your point and completely agree with the need to defeat sophisticated bots. But the tool TA has built to do that seems to be defective. At least the version I'm encountering.

Since I stay signed in, that's not a problem. But when I attempt to reply to a personal message, usually a question about travel in Yunnan, I'm presented with a widget that asks me to swipe a button from far left to far right underneath a picture. I don't need to type anything at all: no numbers; no letters.

But the button won't complete its journey. It sounds like the simplest of tasks, and well it should be. But something is defective in the code, in the way it was designed. Repeated attempts are always met with a "fail." Have tried different browsers to no avail.

Granted, I access TA from the China Mainland, sometimes via a VPN and sometimes without, so it could indeed be that the test I must pass in order to be deemed "not a robot" is different from that required in the West.

I just don't know, but find it frustrating. And the travelers who ask me questions and then only get silence must consider me rude. Will contact TA support directly and see what they say.

Edited: 23 July 2016, 05:56
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4. Re: Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

I have only just encountered this, and am going to have a stiff drink to calm my rage! What a load of rubbish, I couldn't see half the photos clearly. It is ridiculous!

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5. Re: Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

I am not sure how Captcha works. I do not know if it embedded in say a TA page, so independent, or if it is but a portal to another server with the Captcha program?

But, either way, I have been encountering problems with it (not on TA though, but on hotel loyalty program pages) fit the last 2-3 months. It just not not seem to be working efficiently. Had to go through about 6 "verifications" to log into the HHonors site, just last week, and almost as many for Marriott, the day before. Frustrating, to say the least.

I understand security from 'bots, but it is becoming very user unfriendly, as of late.


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6. Re: Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

I have been trying to post a question for several weeks and keep getting this disturbing message, and there is nothing presented to me to prove that I am not a robot. Furthermore I am already signed in to my account when I am trying to submit the questions. Does anyone have a work around for this problem???

Thank you.

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7. Re: Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

I just started getting this interruption when I am already signed in. There is a message about unusual activity being detected. Once I had to sign back in fully, other times just click the box? Why is this happening, and should I worry about my account?

Edit: This post was just blocked until I did a full sign in (I was signed in).

Edited: 10 May 2018, 22:22
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8. Re: Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

Re post #7 -- I encountered the same problem yesterday; I was signed in and reading a thread on the forums; when I clicked on the "back" arrow to return to a previous thread I got a warning about possible unauthorized activity and was automatically logged out.

I have been on TA for a good many years and have never had a problem remaining signed in until recently.

On the plus (?) side, I can now easily recognize when I have been logged out by the silly pictures that match the locations that are mentioned in every post (including a picture of "Angela's B&B" just because the OP happened to have that name -- with absolutely no other connection to the establishment in the picture)...

Just hoping that someone is listening and can fix this irritating issue...

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9. Re: Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

I have never had this “robot” thing come up until yesterday. I keep myself permanently signed in. Yesterday, they logged me out about 8 times, telling me something about “unusual activity”. What exactly does that mean? This is my iPad, and if there is so called “unusual activity”, it would be because I am the one, who is unusually active. However, yesterday I was not, and had to go through all these ‘tests” (how many cars on the road? how many street signs can you see? etc.) I goes I didn’t provide the right answers, so then I think TA got mad at me, and wouldn’t even let me see my profile page.

Today, things are back to normal.

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10. Re: Need to get rid of "I am not a robot" on sign in

When this happens do you have more than one device open and running TA?

Could something be picking up more than one device from the same address?

Or when this happens check that you are trying to post on the right country forum - ie .co.uk ........au.........com,,,,,...nz

You need to take a quick squiz at the hmtl address and see. There was a glitch where you clicked on a page and it zipped you onto another country without knowing it. Then you had to sign in again.

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