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Carry On/Hold luggage

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Carry On/Hold luggage

Hi. There’s probably a simple answer to this but am slightly confused !

How come you’re not allowed to put, for example, a 300ml bottle of shampoo in my carry on luggage for security reasons and this exceeds the 100ml limit. Yet I can put the same bottle in my suitcase ( check in ) without a problem ??? The only difference being that bottle will be below me in the hold as oppose to being in a locker above my head ??? Thanks in advance. Regards. Gareth.

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1. Re: Carry On/Hold luggage

Obviously the difference is in the access you have to the liquid during the flight.

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2. Re: Carry On/Hold luggage

For the same reason you can pack a set of knives in your luggage but not carry on.

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3. Re: Carry On/Hold luggage

I guess the liquid ban has now been around so long (it was only meant to be temporary!) that younger people don't actually know the background because it was before their time...

Back in the summer of 2006 the intelligence services picked up some chatter between bad guys discussing the possibility of making a bomb on board an aircraft by mixing certain liquids.

Instant kneerjerk reaction in the UK... ALL carry-on luggage banned (I remember it well - I was travelling that day). This was then relaxed to only ban liquids and gels - all liquids and gels, initially, and initially just on flights to and from the UK and the USA. After some to-ing and fro-ing between governments we eventually ended up with what we have now - no restrictions on liquids bought after security, and the "100 ml in a sealed bag" regime for your toothpaste and deodorant.

This was supposed to be in effect only until 2013 (29 April 2013, to be precise), by which time all airports were expected to have scanners that could tell the difference between drinking water and liquids from which you can make a bomb... but here we are, in 2018, and we're still having to comply with those "temporary" rules. And with what we now know about plastic pollution this is making me quite angry.

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4. Re: Carry On/Hold luggage

They actually announced the rule would go away a few years back. Then they changed their minds.

Just buy on arrival. For most people that's good enough. Also saves hauling the stuff around.

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5. Re: Carry On/Hold luggage

There was an actual case, and the people concerned are still serving their prison sentences, in which there was a conspiracy to blow up an aircraft. The plan was for different members of the plot to bring different liquid chemicals on board in their hand baggage. When the chemicals were mixed together (probably in the lavatories) they would explode.

The plot was discovered and the conspirators arrested before they actually carried it out. The judge and jury were satisfied that the plot was viable, and there was a spectacular demonstration (on the ground) of the mixed chemicals blowing the side out of an aircraft (they used one intended for scrap). I'm surprised given the OP's location in the UK they didn't know about this, as the trial took place here, and was widely publicised.

The objective now is to prevent enough potentially explosive liquid coming on board to cause an explosion unless the entire plane-load was in on the plot. You might ask why they can't let your shampoo through - well the explosive liquids weren't going to be in bottles labelled with hazard warnings, but labelled for everyday things you might carry on a plane. They could of course test each bottle to see if it is what it says it is, but then you'd need to arrive six or seven hours before departure and probably pay for the tests yourself. The promised technology for testing as you walk through security doesn't seem to work properly yet.

Shampoo is hardly difficult to get hold of anywhere that you can fly to, and the 100ml size containers are adequate for one or two night stays.

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6. Re: Carry On/Hold luggage

<<They actually announced the rule would go away a few years back. Then they changed their minds.>>

Not quite. The technology is in place now to screen larger (even sealed) bottles, and you'll see bottle scanners at most checkpoints. The problem is the time taken to screen bottles if everyone were suddenly allowed to bring larger bottles of liquids.

So the phasing out of liquid restrictions is being done in three stages, and since 2014 we've been at stage 1 where dietary liquids, baby milk etc can be taken in greater quantities, plus sealed duty free purchases ("transfer" liquids from other flights); Extensive studies have been ongoing on the time impacts of that. The authorities stated that *if* successful (and it appears to be so far), it will lead to a further legislative amendment preparing the second phase.

Now, phase 2 has been delayed / pushed back multiple times (and that's frustrating), but it's not quite as simple as "it was going to go away, then they changed their mind".

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7. Re: Carry On/Hold luggage

There was a genuine bomber who created a bomb using liquid explosives disguised as shampoo in his wash bag and detonators hidden in his shoes.

He assembled the bomb in the toilets and deplaned at a stop over.

The unfortunate passenger who sat in his seat was killed, the only reason the plane didn’t blow up too was the bomber picked the wrong seat, he thought he was over the main fuel tank.

There is nothing over exaggerated over this threat, they limit the amount of liquid because the scientists have determined how much damage a liquid explosives device would cause.

I suspect this security measure will always exist and I fully agree with it.

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8. Re: Carry On/Hold luggage

Not like a group of 6 would be terrorists could all pool their liquids to create a monster bomb in an empty drinks bottle is it???

I think the rule is ridiculous. But I just buy sunscreen, or whatever, at my destination.

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9. Re: Carry On/Hold luggage

"The only difference being that bottle will be below me in the hold as oppose to being in a locker above my head" That is precisely the point. Security and safety rules

- stop people from taking certain items on the plane at all (e.g. bombs..) while

- others are considered safe in the hold but not in the cabin (e.g. knives, box-cutters and other sharp/ pointy items that have been or could be used to attack people, and liquids in certain quantities - supposedly so there isn't enough of certain chemicals, should that be what the liquids are, to make an explosive) and

- others are considered safe in the cabin but not in the hold (e.g. e-cigarettes, power packs and items containing lithium batteries, which might start a fire that would go unnoticed in the hold but could - hopefully - be put out in the cabin).

The general travelling public doesn't get to decide whether the rules are sensible or not, and the same goes for different interpretations by different airlines/ airports/ individual security staff members - or for that matter, countries, cf. the erstwhile U.S. ban on ANY electronic items on flights by non-U.S. airlines from certain countries.

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10. Re: Carry On/Hold luggage

The security rules and procedures are there to make getting a bomb on an aircraft as difficult as possible, but nothing I’d fool proof.

Could you find 6 suicide bombers who weren’t known to the authorities onto a plane in one go ?.

A sensible rule, like how difficult is it to buy shampoo at your destination?

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