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Contact to Tripsta

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Contact to Tripsta

I got a ticket flight from Vietnam to Canada, transit in the US, and I need to have a US transit visa. I just know that I have to take a transit visa on Thursday. The flight is on Tuesday. I want to cancel this flight and have a refund. I call tripsta but no one pick up the phone. I send them email but they do not answer me.I just receive an automated email.Does anyone know how can I contact them?

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1. Re: Contact to Tripsta

You should have contact details on your confirmation email, but if they aren't answering their phone there isn't a lot we can do. That's the trouble with booking tickets through online agents, they don't really offer customer service.

You may need to wait until it is office hours in the country/city which you need to phone.

As a backup plan, try phoning the airline direct to cancel.

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2. Re: Contact to Tripsta

I want to cancel this flight and have a refund.


Whilst you will have to persist with tripsta be aware there may be no money to refund. The cheapest tickets usually aren't and even if taxes are refundable by the time you pay any third party charges you may be out of pocket.

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3. Re: Contact to Tripsta

Thank you so much !

They answered my email already.

"In case of changing booking F76898238 , you need to pay 110 USD (penalty 75 USD for United Airlines plus 35 USD for tripsta), according to the Chargeable Customer Support service package and the fare's rules.

Please keep in mind that you may only change the date of the flight. Route, passenger names and airline company cannot be changed. Any changes have to be completed prior to departure date. In many occasions changes might not be permitted at the day of departure.

Should you wish to finalize the change, the credit card holder has to contact our call center and provide us with the new dates so we can calculate any fare or tax difference and complete the payment.Please note that our company uses secure online credit transactions and we do not store credit card details. If the credit card holder doesn't contact us we will be unable to make the extra charge and the change on time. We would like to inform you that if you cancel your booking F76898238 , 511 USD will be refunded, according to the Chargeable Customer Support service package and the fare's rules. Please be aware that the refundable amount is subject to change, depending on the days prior to departure.

In case of cancellation, due to bank internal procedures, any corresponding amount may take 1-5 working days before appearing in your bank statement.

Should you wish to cancel the booking, please confirm by replying to this email."

I confirmed that I want to cancel the booking. But if something changes before departure date maybe I cannot reciece the refund $511.

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4. Re: Contact to Tripsta

Dear Natalie,

Please send us a direct message or an email to marketing@tripsta.com with your booking number and we'd be more than happy to look into your itinerary and provide assistance as necessary.

Thank you,

Tripsta Support

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5. Re: Contact to Tripsta


i book a trip with Tripsta, from Algeria to Istanbul, but "Air France" refuse to take me, and they said that i need to contact who i buy from my ticklet for refund becuase we cancel the ticket and we wrote a note about why we do that.

i contact Tripsta, but no responce from them

my confirmation code is F88560201


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6. Re: Contact to Tripsta

I made a reservation from Chicago to Torreon Mexico. You charged to my credit card and I do not received any confirmation. I tried to call and no answer. I send several emails and nobody answer. Please contact to me.

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7. Re: Contact to Tripsta

“You charged my credit card... “

First, this is TripAdvisor, and not Tipster, though “Trip” does appear in each company name. They are completely unrelated.

Above your post, is a reply from Tripster. Click on the avatar for that agent, and send them a PM.

You are not talking to Tripster here.

Good luck,


PS - it is incumbent on the traveler to get all paperwork, before the flight, and I recommend doing so, before buying the tickets, but some love “living in the edge.”

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8. Re: Contact to Tripsta

Can you email or call tripsta with out a booking no. I booked a flight and they deducted it from my credit card but did not send me my booking number. I was informed by China Southern Airline that my booking name is different than my passport name as I forgot to add Jr at the end of my name. I am booked on a flight but have no ticket print out or booking number but my reservation is in China Southerns data base.China Southern indicates this may prervent my boarding the flight.

My email is vanflight@gmail.com

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9. Re: Contact to Tripsta

Plenty of phone numbers: http://www.tripsta.net/contact

Wish you luck with amending / changing name.

Did you try to do this directly with China Southern?

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10. Re: Contact to Tripsta

There was a mistake in my booking by Tripsta and I tried to contact Tripsta by number 0031-858886236; Also I wanted to add luggage. They confirmed that I could change my flyght by contacting them by this phonenumber.

This number doesnot work and also there is no possibility to contact them. The line is broken after I tried to mention the reservation number.

I only get an automatic answer, no one on the service centre.

So my advise is: do never book something at Tripsta. There is absolutely no service.

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