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Heritage Downtown Cafe #1



Cafe, American
Breakfast, Dinner
Seating, Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible


Coffees From The Americas Are Considered Mild By The Trade, Ranging From The Sweet And Aromatic Mexican To The Earthy Spiciness Of Brazilian, The Robust Body Of Costa Rican, Or The Unique Sweetness Of The Bleu Bean From Haiti "a Heritage Exclusive." You'll Find Something Unique For All Palates.
1 Lb. Bag $11.02
5 Lb. Bag $53.55
from the high sierras of southern mexico comes an attractive, light bodied, and fragrant coffee. embodied with delicately crisp acidity and a mild character.
1 Lb. Bag $11.26
5 Lb. Bag $54.73
the noblest of the guatemalan coffees. a lively, complex flavor with medium body and spicy chocolatey overtones.
1 Lb. Bag $12.08
5 Lb. Bag $58.89
100% Organic Nicaraguan
this fantastic coffee is known for its fine balance. with its medium acidity, mild flavor and medium body it creates a subtle, yet smooth cup and aroma.
1 Lb. Bag $15.18
5 Lb. Bag $74.34
Costa Rica La Minita
from the hacienda laminita of costa rica, comes this unrivaled classic. this estate produces one of the cleanest and purest tasting origin coffees in the world. with an excellent balance of full body, sweet aroma, great acidity and delicate aftertaste only one word describes it: elegant.
1 Lb. Bag $11.6
5 Lb. Bag $56.45
Costa Rica La Magnolia
grown on the pacific slopes of costa rica in the terrazu region at elevations of 4, 000 to 5, 000 feet. embodies the best of the classic heavy bodied costa rican coffees with a robust flavor and a lively acidity.
1 Lb. Bag $12.08
5 Lb. Bag $54.36
Brazil Daterra Bruzzi
enjoy this magnificent blend of brazilian coffees from daterra in the minas gerias region of brazil's coffee growing plateau. unlike most commercial coffee, this coffee is carefully selected and blended to create an optimized and unique flavor profile that will be consistent from year to year. this coffee is rich and full bodied, while maintaining a clean aftertaste and low acidity. daterra is utz kapen certified responsible coffee, rainforest alliance certified, ibd organic and iq net environmental management system certified.
100% Kona Extra Fancy
currently on sale. heritage coffee company is proud to offer you 100% kona extra fancy. pure kona coffee is one of the most prized coffees in the world. its full bodied flavor and intoxicating aroma makes 100% kona coffee one of hawaii's most important exports. kona coffee is known the world over as one of the richest and most flavorful coffees available. this bold and exotic taste comes only from the coffee grown on kona, a small swath of land on the western coast of the big island of hawaii.
100% Maui Yellow Caturra
this variety of coffee is yellow instead of the conventional red when it is ripe. it is also harvested earlier in the season as it tends ro ripen sooner. the flavor characteristics are mild and clean, with low acidity. available in 1 and 1/2 bags, this new offering will be available in limited quantities.
Coffee Grown In And Around The Ancestral Birthplace Of Coffee Tends To Be Distinct And Intense. Nowhere Else In The World Will You Find Subtle Nuances Of Blueberry As Found In A Fine Kenyan, The Floral Aromatics Of An Ethiopian, Or The Complex Yet Elegantly Smooth Flavor Of Other Coffees From This Region.
1 Lb. Bag $12.06
5 Lb. Bag $58.83
Kenya Aa Estate
no other coffee in the world has the ripe fruit aroma and flavor that fine kenyans have. it's our obsession to purchase only the finest of these beans. its' beautiful preparation creates intense flavor and aroma with berry nuances and a sweet satin finish.
1 Lb. Bag $11.38
5 Lb. Bag $55.79
Ethiopian Sidamo
roasters choice!
1 Lb. Bag $10.84
5 Lb. Bag $54.2
Tanzania Peaberry
currently unavailable. peaberry's are coffees that yield a single round bean. this coffee has an intense nutty flavor with pronounced acidity and a medium body. this coffee produces a concentrated flavor and livelier cup offeriing full body and adistinguished aroma. (a peaberry bean is a fused bean; it is a small, round bean with a cleft in the middle.) peaberrys are coffees that yields a round bean peaberry coffees render a flavor that is concentrated and offers a livelier cup, full body and distinguished aroma.
Coffee From Indonesia
indonesian coffees are known for their exquisitely syrupy body. these coffees are enjoyed individually or are often used to enhance blends such as the classic "mocca java, " adding subtle hints of earth and chocolate.
As Varietals Or Blends Are Roasted Longer For A More Intense Flavor. They Take On Subtle, Smoky Nuances Created By The Roasting Process.
1 Lb. Bag $11.26
5 Lb. Bag $54.73
Black Gold
as dark as a long alaskan winter night, the darkest of our roasts. this blend, containing central and south american coffees, exemplifies the bold characteristics created by dark roasting. dominated by a carbon spiciness, draped with heavy body and caramel nuances.
1 Lb. Bag $11.13
5 Lb. Bag $54.09
French Roast
this term designates the color and style of roast, not the bean. our blend creates a carbon tangy flavor with a rich mellow body.
1 Lb. Bag $10.85
5 Lb. Bag $54.25
New Orleans Roast
our blend of central and south american coffees are roasted slightly dark, creating a velvety body that is mildly nutty with fruit and caramel nuances.
1 Lb. Bag $11.26
5 Lb. Bag $54.73
Dark Colombian
this alluring dense bean grown at one of the highest elevations in colombia is roasted darker to create a slightly syrupy, smoky mellow body with a sweet aftertaste.
These Blends Are Specifically Blended And Roasted For Espresso Machines, Emphasizing The Highlights Of The Specific Coffees Used. With This Emphasis, Espresso's Concentrated And Intense Flavors Create An Exquisite Beginning, A Syrupy Middle And A Sweet Finish To Savor.
1 Lb. Bag $11.56
5 Lb. Bag $56.25
Cafe Espresso
our premiere espresso blend. modeled after the northern italian style. four coffees make this a plethora of flavors. this blend has a rich golden crema with intense caramel flavors, chocolatey undertones and a long sweet finish without bitterness or underdeveloped sourness. specifically made for espresso machines but wonderful drip brewed as well.
1 Lb. Bag $10.96
5 Lb. Bag $54.09
Northwest Espresso
this style of roast (slightly darker) blends specific coffees for a more pronounced smoky body and an intense spicy flavor. perfect for steamed milk.
Heritage Coffee Company Blends Are Custom And Classic Mixtures Of The Previously Listed Varietals Epitomizing The Art Of Coffee Blending.
Alaska Statehood Blend
available for a limited time only, this commemorative coffee is the perfect cup... any time of day! available in 12 oz. bags only. (a great heritage coffee company gift idea!)
1 Lb. Bag $11.13
5 Lb. Bag $54.09
Breakfast Blend
this blend of central american and sumatran coffees create a light yet lively flavor with smooth body and a zesty aroma worth waking up for and drinking all day.
1 Lb. Bag $11.33
5 Lb. Bag $55.07
House Blend
an alluring blend of central american coffees combining spicy earth tones and a snappy acidity for a smooth satisfying cup.
1 Lb. Bag $11.37
5 Lb. Bag $55.28
Klondike Blend
we've struck the mother lode with this mixture of indonesian, central and south american coffees. syrupy body with spicy undertones, enhanced with an exotic herbal aroma.
1 Lb. Bag $11.13
5 Lb. Bag $54.09
Lodge Blend
served at a variety of luxurious establishments throughout the state, this alaskan favorite is a lightly roasted blend of central and south american coffees that is smooth and rich.
Heritage Coffee Company Offers You The Opportunity To Support Organic Farming And Social And Economic Responsibility. We Are Committed To Improving The Quality Of Life For The People Of The Coffee Producing Regions Of The World. Our Philosophy Focuses On Respect For The Preservation Of Human As Well As Natural Resources. We Are Dedicated To Increasing Awareness Of Sustainable Agriculture, Fair Trade, And Organic Food Production.
1 Lb. Bag $11.52
5 Lb. Bag $55.04
100 % Organic Sumatra
the finest of the natural processed sumatras. it has a concentrated, almost dry nutty flavor with an intense syrupy body and a soft bouquet.
1 Lb. Bag $11.01
5 Lb. Bag $53.48
100% Organic Dark Sumatra
this dark roasted sumatran mandeling has fruity undertones, vibrant body, slight smokiness and an intoxicating aroma.
1 Lb. Bag $12.08
5 Lb. Bag $58.89
100% Organic Nicaraguan
this handsome coffee is known for its fine balance. with its medium acidity, mild flavor and medium body it creates a subtle, yet smooth cup and aroma.
Heritage Coffee Company Offers Naturally Decaffeinated, Co2, Or Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffees, As Well As European Process Decaffeinated Coffees.
1 Lb. Bag $12.08
5 Lb. Bag $58.89
Decaffeinated Colombia
smooth, great balance, with a hint of acidity and a sweet, caramelly finish.
1 Lb. Bag $12.08
5 Lb. Bag $58.89
Decaffeinated Espresso
this blend of coffees from africa, south america and indonesia creates an unusually delicious decaf espresso. rich caramely body with a smooth sweet finish.
1 Lb. Bag $11.48
5 Lb. Bag $55.84
Decaffeinated French Roast
select coffees are dark roasted to bring the natural coffee oils to the surface creating a smokey smooth finish.
1 Lb. Bag $11.33
5 Lb. Bag $55.07
Decaffeinated House Blend
we combine light and dark roasted coffees to produce a rich and mellow beverage with a slightly heavy body. a pleasant way to start your day.
Our Flavored Coffees Will Delight Your Palette! All Flavored Coffees Are Available In Decaf Also.
1 Lb. Bag/regular $11.52
5 Lb. Bag/regular $56.04
1 Lb. Bag/decaf $12.12
5 Lb. Bag/decaf $59.09
French Vanilla
creamy vanilla accents our signature french roast coffee.
1 Lb. Bag/regular $11.52
5 Lb. Bag/regular $56.04
1 Lb. Bag/decaf $12.12
5 Lb. Bag/decaf $59.09
Heavenly Delight
sweet caramel flavor blended with smooth vanilla richness makes heavenly delight a superb selection for dessert, or any time of the day.
1 Lb. Bag/regular $11.52
5 Lb. Bag/regular $56.04
1 Lb. Bag/decaf $12.12
5 Lb. Bag/decaf $59.09
Toasted Coconut
this coffee features the flavor of lightly toasted coconut... sweet and delicious! great for dessert or anytime.
1 Lb. Bag/regular $11.52
5 Lb. Bag/regular $56.04
1 Lb. Bag/decaf $12.12
5 Lb. Bag/decaf $59.09
Toasted Southern Pecan
one of our most popular flavors! light medium roasted with delightful flavors of toasted pecan -- yummy!
1 Lb. Bag/regular $11.52
5 Lb. Bag/regular $56.04
1 Lb. Bag/decaf $12.12
5 Lb. Bag/decaf $59.09
Hazelnut Cream
buttery hazelnuts and rich cream... a sweet treat!
1 Lb. Bag/regular $11.52
5 Lb. Bag/regular $56.04
1 Lb. Bag/decaf $12.12
5 Lb. Bag/decaf $59.09
Swiss Almond Chocolate
a delectable twist of chocolate and almond.
1 Lb. Bag/regular $11.52
5 Lb. Bag/regular $56.04
1 Lb. Bag/decaf $12.12
5 Lb. Bag/decaf $59.09
Irish Cream
the minty, creamy essence of this vibrant irish liqueur flavor is showcased in this popular coffee.
1 Lb. Bag/regular $11.52
5 Lb. Bag/regular $56.04
1 Lb. Bag/decaf $12.12
5 Lb. Bag/decaf $59.09
Vanilla Almond
you'll savor this splendid blend of creamy, sweet vanilla and almonds.
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Reviewed 27 November 2018 via mobile

This is my 2nd time visiting Heritage. The food is fresh and healthy, many excellent choices for vegetarians and food conscience eaters. My breakfast sandwich was ginormous, filled with lots of spinach, fresh eggs and the bacon was cooked to perfection. A little too much...More

Date of visit: November 2018
Thank Cw98351
Reviewed 25 September 2018

We walked in here on a cold rainy day and were not sorry we did. Excellent coffee and hot chocolate.

Date of visit: September 2018
Thank Kirk F
Reviewed 17 September 2018 via mobile

We came in because the kids wanted 5 minutes of wifi. We left with the best chai latte ever! We even came back later in the day for another before boarding the ship!

Date of visit: September 2018
Thank carolyns428
Reviewed 19 September 2017

We found this coffee shop after wandering around and thought the coffee excellent. It is a big barn of a place and the service was a bit slow as it was so popular. However, worth waiting! Heritage coffee is great.

Date of visit: September 2017
Thank Maturity
Reviewed 15 July 2017

Staff wasn't particularly friendly/inclined to serve. My Americano was so hot I had to wait a good 30 minutes to drink it even though I added cold cream.

Date of visit: July 2017
Thank hnaukkarinen
Reviewed 13 July 2017

Great vibe in this coffee shop. Food looks amazing - coffee wasn't the best I've ever had but it was decent and the atmosphere was cool. Will definitely go back.

Date of visit: July 2017
Thank kjmcg15
Reviewed 27 June 2017

Heritage was recommended by a local, so we went to the first one we discovered, walking from the cruise ship downtown. Rather small and dark. Indifferent service. Bitter coffee, poor selection of pastries. Later, we passed a larger one with more clientele. So maybe we...More

Date of visit: June 2017
Thank RuNanS
Reviewed 7 June 2017

Heritage has a great story in how they started out. They now are roasting for a wide number of customers. This location is in the heart of downtown altough they have several scattered about tiny Juneau. They have espresso drinks of course plus a full...More

Date of visit: June 2017
Thank pdxballard
Reviewed 21 May 2017 via mobile

what a great place to get out if the rain! Excellent Coffee brewed in Alaska. Very good baked goods as well. They also offer free WIFI.

Date of visit: May 2017
Thank LPLoveToTravel
Reviewed 22 March 2017

The coffee at Heritage is so good.. I'd give up Starbucks and I love Starbucks! I spent every morning here just drinking coffee and taking in the wonderful atmosphere.

Date of visit: February 2017
Thank BHBE
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