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Best of Zhuozhou Guide

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All things to do » Things to do

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ZhuoZhou WenHua YiChan ChenLieGuan
Attraction type: Speciality Museums
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Additional nearby recommended attractions:

Baili Canyon Resort
Baili Canyon Resort(Laishui County)
Attraction type: Hiking Trails; Waterfalls; Nature & Wildlife Tours
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Fish Cavern
Fish Cavern(Laishui County)
Attraction type: Caverns & Caves
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Kaishan Temple(Gaobeidian)
Attraction type: Sacred & Religious Sites
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All accommodation » Where to stay - Midrange

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Lanxiang Express Hotel
US$ 15 (CN¥ 100)
Ranked #4 of 40 Hotels in Zhuozhou

Additional nearby recommended accommodations:

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Rongyi Express Hotel
US$ 14 - US$ 16
Ranked #1 of 32 Hotels in Gaobeidian
No photo provided
Guishan Hotel
US$ 10 (CN¥ 70)
Ranked #5 of 61 Hotels in Laishui County

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