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New York City, New YorkJoined in Mar 2005
Cockle Cove is my favorite beach in Chatham MA (Cape Cod) where I've rented a house for part of the summer or fall for the past 25 years. I love doing travel research/planning for myself, friends & family --consider it almost as much fun as actually being there! So I think TripAdvisor is terrific; I've learned so much from others here... and no one's trip report is ever too long imo :-) Prefer "mom-and-pop" motels & other local establishments or renting a vacation apartment/house over chain lodging, but enjoy tent camping & sometimes indulging in luxury accommodations too. My favorite travel MO? A meandering road trip with an eye towards the off-beat or settling in at one particular destination and doing in-depth exploration of the environs. CHEERS
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