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Los Altos, CaliforniaJoined in Oct 2004
I'm a gal who first got bitten by the travel bug as a college student who was spending a year teaching English in Taiwan. From there, I traveled with just a daypack to Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia. I never did make my dream of getting a cushy foreign correspondent's job, but I've gone to a fair number of places -- from India to France to Mexico. I'm a believer in public transit in the cities; I'm a lousy driver in the U.K. -- can't quite get used to that left-side-of-the-road thing I'm rarely into luxury, though I do splurge for good food. Being from the San Francisco Bay Area, one almost becomes a "foodie" by osmosis, even if one never defines oneself as such. I also grew up camping and hiking, so I appreciate the outdoors over the shopping (but I love a good bargain if I see one). I'm the type who stops to help a traveler puzzling over a map in San Francisco. Contributing to the TA fora is a way to give back to those who have helped me.
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