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The New York Times

Surfing for a Vacation Rental

Better known as a hotel review site, TripAdvisor has teamed up with several vacation rental sites, including FlipKey.com and HolidayLettings.co.uk, to offer more than 200,000 listings, mostly in the United States and Europe, particularly Britain. For obsessive vacation planners who want to go beyond a basic rental search, the site offers various tools, including a calculator to compare the potential savings of a rental versus a hotel, as well as destination forums. As on HomeAway, you can easily narrow searches by a number of preferences or view properties on a map, and there are no upfront booking fees. And like Airbnb, linking a Facebook account enables users to see if friends have written a review. In addition, travelers can post their own photos of rentals they’ve booked through the site, offering more transparency on the quality of the rental.

Bottom line: Unlike the other sites, vacation rentals is just one aspect of TripAdvisor, which also reviews restaurants, attractions and other destination information, which can be helpful when planning your trip.