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Turn Your Opinions into PAYBACK Points
Write reviews and get rewarded with up to 1,525 PAYBACK Points per month
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  • Earn up to 200 PAYBACK Points when you publish a review on TripAdvisor
  • Earn up to 1,525 PAYBACK Points per month (maximum four hotel reviews per month for points)
  • PAYBACK Points vary for each hotel, attraction or restaurant you review
Look for this symbol. Write reviews to earn points.
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NOTE: TripAdvisor has a zero-tolerance policy for falsified reviews, and a rigorous fraud detection process. If you submit a falsified review, you will be disqualified from participating in this programme and on TripAdvisor.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I am not a member of PAYBACK. Can I still join the action?
A: This campaign will reward you with PAYBACK points, hence you will need to become a member of PAYBACK. You can become a member by registering here (TBD) and then go to the campaign registration page (https://www.tripadvisor.in/PaybackCampaign)
Q: Where can I get more information about the PAYBACK program?
A: On the official website of PAYBACK (https://www.payback.in/home/about-payback.html)
Q: How can I collect points through this campaign?
A: By writing reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions that you have visited in the last 12 months. PAYBACK points are credited for the reviews posted on the site TripAdvisor.in. The number of PAYBACK points credited for a particular review is indicated next to the Write A Review button on top right side of the review page.
Q: How many reviews do I need to write to accumulate points through this promotion?
A: You start collecting PAYBACK points from the very first review that gets published.
Q: How long do I wait for points to appear on my account?
A: Depending on the number of eligible reviews published within a month, TripAdvisor will credit the appropriate number of PAYBACK points to the particular PAYBACK account within the subsequent month. For example, if you have registered to participate in the campaign and have written reviews in August, the PAYBACK points will appear in your account no later than September 30.
Q: How do I get Payback Points for adding details to a restaurant listing?
A: First, make sure you are registered for the Payback program. Once you are registered, you may collect points for contributions that are eligible. You may earn points by adding a photo, phone number and/or a website URL to eligible locations via TripAdvisor Android App where the Payback Points icon is located right next to it. This promotion is valid August 1st and August 31st, 2016 local time. Points will be credited up to 90 days after the promotion period ends.
Terms and Conditions
  • Members must register for the promotion before they can start collecting PAYBACK points. One member can use only one PAYBACK number to earn points. Don’t use multiple cards to earn more points.
  • Each published review gets you PAYBACK points. The number of PAYBACK points varies and is visible on the review page next to the Write A Review button.
  • Maximum of 1,525 points would be credited in any calendar month. Reviews of no more than 4 hotels would be eligible for PAYBACK points in any calendar month. There is no limit on the number of reviews for restaurants and attractions, subject to the overall limit of 1525 points in a calendar month.
  • PAYBACK points will be credited to members qualifying to earn PAYBACK points through this promotion, in the subsequent month to the month in which reviews are submitted. Depending on the number of eligible reviews published within a month, TripAdvisor will credit the appropriate number of PAYBACK points to the particular PAYBACK account within the subsequent month.
  • The offer is valid only on the www.tripadvisor.in site.
  • The offer is subject to your review being published on TripAdvisor. Your review contribution will be subject to regular TripAdvisor Review Submission Guidelines.
  • The decision of TripAdvisor and PAYBACK will be final & binding on all participants and is non-contestable.
  • All entrants and winners waive any and all rights of claim with regards to the contest against PAYBACK, and TripAdvisor will have no liability.
  • TripAdvisor reserves the right to change, amend, extend, withdraw and/or alter any of the terms & conditions and prizes of this offer at any time without prior notice or giving any reasons.
  • All prizes are subject to Income Tax as per the Income Tax laws or any other taxes/levies as may be applicable as per the prevailing Indian laws and the same are to be borne by the winner directly. PAYBACK will have no liability with respect to the same.
  • Disputes, if any, will be subject to Indian laws and shall be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai.
  • The mileage offer for published reviews under this promotion is non-transferable and cash in lieu of PAYBACK points will not be offered.
  • Standard PAYBACK Terms and Conditions apply.
  • The offer is optional and members of TripAdvisor can contribute reviews and opinions even without availing of the offer.
  • Any violation of these terms by a user may result in that user being prohibited from participating in this promotion or any other promotion offered by TripAdvisor or one of its partners, subsidiaries or affiliates.
  • Users that submit a first photo, missing URL and/or a phone number to an eligible location that has the Payback icon placed next to it, will be granted these points if the submitted information is correct and can be verified by TripAdvisor. This promotion is only valid for data that was produced and submitted via the user’s own mobile phone via TripAdvisor Android App. There is a limit of 500 Payback Points per TripAdvisor user account and associated Payback account per month. The promotion is valid for the first 10.000 participants per month for data submissions to TripAdvisor between August 1st and August 31st, 2016 local time. The promotion is subject to change without notice.