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Ascenso a Punta Suelza desde el Collado de la Cruz de Guardia. Climb to Punta Suelza from Collado de la Cruz de Guardia
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 10.75 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  The peak of 2973 meters Punta Suelza has one of the broadest view of the Pyrenees. Access from the "Collado de la Cruz de Guardia" has... more »

Tips:  mountain lakes,

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Points of Interest

1. Pass of the "Cruz de Guardia"

Natural step towards the valley of Bielsa.

2. Sarrio's land

The sarrio is a mountain goat

3. Barletos's lake

Located at 2540 meters. Their axes are 200 m and 65. mostly surrounded by grass, has closed a small portion of rock.
In the live newts and frogs.

4. Lake Cao

The Ibón Cao is in a cirque formed by steep walls and drop from Puna Punta Suelza Fulse. It opens to the valley through S.W.

5. Punta Suelza 2973 mts, summit

From the top we see a vast and magnificent view to the many peaks in the area: Monte Perdido, Posets, La Munia, The Sword ...
At the foot to the north, reservoirs and mountain lakes of Urdiceto ..

6. Cresta rocosa ( Ridge )

Going down the ridge is ever necessary to use hands.

7. Mirada hacia la cima.

Looking back we see the white summit of Punta Suelza
Again we encounter a herd of chamois

8. Butterfly creek

In August there are many butterflies can be found in the area

9. Pass Collado de la Cruz de Guardia

Looking to the SE over the Col de la Cruz Sentinel, are the mountains of Plan, and Basa de la Mora (lake).
We can see marmots, vulures, eagles, kestrels