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Timucuan Trail at Talbot Island

A new link in a multi use trail planned to connect Amelia Island to Fort Caroline in Jacksonville.
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 7.8 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  A new addition to the long list of outdoor activities here in Northeast Florida. We recommend starting at the south end lot and... more »

Tips:  No water available, bring plenty. Bug spray may be necessarily. Be sure to take in the view from the beach at the Bluffs.

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Points of Interest

1. South Trailhead Parking

We parked here and enjoyed the pedal through the pine barrens to the hardwoods. There is a dirt trail here to the beach.

2. Middle Parking Lot

Closer to the hardwood hammock and offers a dirt trail to the beach.

3. North Parking, Pavillion and Bluffs Trailhead

Main parking area with shelter, overlook, restroom and trailhead to the Bluffs

4. The Bluffs AKA Boneyard or Blackrock

Wonderful section of beach to view the effects of weather and sea. Exposed layers of earth and beautiful sun bleached fallen timber. Best to time your visit here with low tide if possible.