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Jacksonville with Kids

There is lots of family fun to be found in one of Florida's largest cities!
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview :  Jacksonville is one of Florida's largest cities and is chock full of family friendly activities. It has both a big city feel offering... more »

Tips:  Though it may not feel like it, Jacksonville is a large city spread over many miles. Plan to spend more than one day to complete all ... more »

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Points of Interest

Learn about the human body, how water works, the history of Jacksonville and so much more at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH). There are preschool programs as well as special events throughout the year. On Fridays, enjoy the evening hours and a discounted admission of $5 making this an inexpensive family friendly activity. After your... More

After visiting the Museum of Science and History, take the short walk next door to see the Friendship Fountain. The Friendship Fountain was completed in the 1960s and consists of over 60 nozzles that shoot water as high as 120 feet in the air. At night the fountain may be lit up with colorful lights that make for a beautiful show. There are... More

Kids Kampus at Metropolitan Park was designed with children's play needs and wants in mind. Plan to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to all day at this park. There is a safety town with pretend roads, stop signs, railroad lights, and signs. There are also buildings representing a grocery store, gas station, police station and more. You can... More

If you have an aspiring fireman or firewoman in your family, he or she will love a stop at the Jacksonville Fire Museum. There are artifacts and photographs documenting the history of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department. The museum is a good stop before or after you visit Kids Kampus at Metropolitan Park as they are located near each... More

Besides seeing the many different animals, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens offers beautiful botanical gardens, a carousel (for a fee of $2), and a boardwalk. There is a train ride that loops around the zoo (Adults $4 and Children $2). Kids will love to splash in the water at the Play Park and Splash Ground so be sure to pack a change of clothes... More

Explore the grounds of the Kingsley Plantation, which include the plantation house, the kitchen house and more. Wander the nature trails through different types of North Florida ecosystems in the Theodore Roosevelt Area and Cedar Point. You may spot dolphins, manatees or many different birds. There are both self-guided and rander-led tours and ... More

7. Losco Regional Park

When we travel with our children, we are always on the lookout for a great playground. Even if we only spend an hour running around and climbing on the playground equipment, it is a good way to make your children feel at home in any city. Most every child loves a good playground! Losco Regional Park is surrounded by big beautiful trees that... More

This children's museum is a small museum that encourages imaginative play through their exhibits. The exhibits include a grocery store, a radio station, a post office, a bank and more. Adults must pay for admission. This might be a good stop if the weather is poor and you want to occupy the young children for an hour or two with an indoor... More

If you are looking for a meal out of the ordinary, visit Clark's Fish Camp. Your family will not be your only dining companions. The dining room is surrounded by taxidermy of all kinds. The menu has a number of items you might not have seen on a menu lately: gator, quail, eel, and more. There are also lots of other dishes to choose from:... More