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Harlem: New York City Walk

A chef’s neighborhood tour.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Tour the favorite spots of Top Chef Masters winner, Marcus Sammuelsson, whose restaurant, Red Roster, opened in the neighborhood in... more »

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Points of Interest

Located on Restaurant Row on Frederick Douglass Boulevard, this Harlem eatery serves up refined American entrees alongside upgraded burgers, steak sandwiches, and truffled French fries. Served on unpretentious wooden tables set against an upholstered banquette that runs the length of the restaurant, the menu of upscale American favorites created... More

Hosts Mario Zarate and Julio Quevedo want all their guests to feel the Amor Cubano (Cuban love) in everything at this Spanish Harlem restaurant which has been serving traditional Cuban food since 2007. The white laundry hanging from lines strung across exposed brick walls, the thatched roof over the bar, and the distinctly bright art throughout... More

Installed in a small, sunny storefront in East Harlem, Il Caffe Latte is a tidy, red-brick neighborhood café serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mornings start with the café’s selection of notoriously strong Columbian coffee drinks and menu items like the Latin egg wrap, Acapulco breakfast platter, and make-your-own-omelets. Over the remainder... More

4. Maysles Cinema

If you are a fan of documentaries, the Maysles Cinema more than delivers. Founded by Albert Maysles, who with his late brother made non-fiction films like the classic Grey Gardens, this non-profit Harlem theatre shows only documentary films, each screening accompanied by a discussion forum where filmgoers can interact with the filmmaker. In... More

Named after the legendary Harlem speakeasy, Red Rooster Harlem serves up sophisticated soul food. Menus reflect the diverse population of the neighborhood as well as the background of Swedish chef, Marcus Samuelsson as you’ll see on the menu which includes Fried Yard Bird and Helga’s Meatballs. The dining room is warmly furnished in caramel, ivory... More

Opened in 1968 in a rented loft at Fifth Avenue and 125th Street, the Studio Museum in Harlem has long been showcasing the works of artists of African descent. With its Artist-in-Residence program, the museum has become the place for rising talent, having graduated nearly 100 artists, including Chakaia Booker, David Hammons, Julie Mehretu,... More

7. Swing

Opened in 2009, Swing, A Concept Shop, is the creation of native New Yorker, designer, and globetrotter Helena Greene. The first to bring designer labels like Rick Owens and Racquel Allegra to Harlem, Swing’s well-lit white walls let the quality of each hand-selected item speak for itself. Fashion-conscious parents can browse designer labels for ... More