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Pike Bike Trail

Scenic trail through Kenosha's lakefront connecting both segments of the Kenosha County Bike Trail.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 10.2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  A scenic route through Kenosha's lakefront conveniently connecting both North and South segments of the Kenosha County Bicycle Trail. ... more »

Tips:  When biking anywhere, always wear a helmet and eye protection.

Be prepared for changing riding surfaces and vehicle, pesdestrian, and... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Kenosha County Bike Trailhead

This is the southernmost part of the Pike Bike trail and the northernmost point of the Kenosha County Bicycle Trail southern segment. Access is available via 89th Street, the Kenosha County Bicycle Trail and the Robert McClory trail even further south.

A dedicated bike lane on 30th Ave. abuts the Kenosha County Bike Trailhead.

The Pike Bike... More

The Keno Drive-In's slogan is "Movies Under the Stars". This is absolutely true at one of the few remaining drive-in outdoor theaters.

A double feature starts at sunset every night of the season.

3. Kenosha Sand Dunes

Trails crisscross this area of sandy dunes on the shore of Lake Michigan. The Kenosha Sand Dunes are the northern most part of the Chiwauke Prairie State Natural Area.

Access is from 85th Street just behind the gate or from Southport Park.

4. Southport Park

Southport Park and beach house sit on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Southport Park includes walking and biking paths, restrooms, water, plenty of bench seats to take in the view, picnic areas, a playground, and a 1936 beach house. At the south end is path which leads to the Kenosha Dunes.

The Pike Bike Trail follows a paved path north from the... More

5. Kemper Center

The Kemper Center is the centerpiece of Kenosha's Third Avenue Historic District-also know as the mansion district. Kemper Center began in the 1860s as the private home of Wisconsin's first senator, Charles Durkee. The property also served as a boarding school and Episcopal school for girls before it become a Kenosha County Park in 1977.

Tours... More

6. Eichelman Park

The Pike Bike Trail continues on a paved bike path through Eichelman Park and Beach. Eichelmand Park includes a foot path, bike path, beach, restrooms, and playground. The playground and restrooms are right off the foot/bike path as you enter the south end of the park.

On street parking is available on 3rd Ave.

7. Wolfenbuttel Park

On the north end of Eichelman Park, Wolfenbuttel Park is seamlessly integrated.

Named after Kenosha's sister city in Germany, it features a wonderful gazebo set in a well maintained flower garden. A foot path loops around the park. Although it is possible to bike the foot path next to the Lake, I don't recommend it. The foot path had two 90... More

8. Lakefront Park

A dedicated paved bike path, separate from the pedestrian, winds around a harbor side playground before it heads towards the lakefront.

To the east of the playground are restrooms, water fountains, vending, and a splash park-a great way to cool off during the summer season.

There is a large parking lot here.

9. Lake Michigan Scenic Overlook

An elevated spot on the water's edge with an unobstructed view of Lake Michigan.

10. Kenosha Transit Electric Streetcar

The electric streetcar system features five refurbished authentic 1951 President’s Conference Committee (PCC) cars that once operated in Toronto, Canada. The streetcars run on a 1.7 mile loops that connects the Kenosha harbor area with the Kenosha Transit Center, the Metra rail service , and the Civic Center Historical District.

11. Simmons Island Park

The Pike Bike Trail continues on a paved bike path through Simmons Island Park.

Nested next to the harbor, the Simmons Island Park features a paved bike path, plenty of picnic areas, restrooms, water, beach playground and municipal bath house.

On the south side of Simmons Island is the Kenosha History Center, Kenosha (Southport) Lighthouse built... More

12. Kennedy Park

The trail crosses Kennedy Drive and continues into Kennedy Park on a paved path.

Kennedy Park is a long open greenspace with great views of Lake Michigan, which it borders. There is a small playground also.

13. Pennoyer park

At the north end of Kennedy Park, the paved path squeezes in between Kennedy Drive and 5th Ave. and into Pennoyer Park. The paved path continues through Pennoyer Park.

You'll pass some open fields, playground, picnic areas, restrooms and a bandshell before Pennoyer Park ends at the Pike River.

There is ample parking throughout the park.

14. Alford Park

After you cross over the Pike River, a paved path continues through Alford Park.

A mostly undeveloped shoreline with a parking lot traversed by a paved bike path. Shaded picnic areas are available on the West side of Alford Park Drive.

15. Alford North Park

A small park on an overlook of the Carthage campus and Lake Michigan. It includes a playground, restrooms, water and parking.

16. Poerio Park Sport Complex

Part of Poerio Park, this sports complex features ballfields, parking, restrooms, and water.

17. Poerio Park Nature Center

A fantastic park with an open air pavilion, ponds, nature trail, and hiking.

Parking is available here.

If you are coming from the north, this is a great place to park before getting further into Kenosha.

18. Kenosha County Bicycle Trail Northern Segment

The Pike Bike Trail ends here at it's junction with the Kenosha County Bicycle Trail.

The North Kenosha County Bike Trail continues south back to 35th Street in Kenosha and north to the County Line where it meets the Racine County North Shore Trail.

Less than a hundred feet north is the Petrifying Springs Connector Trail which extends 2 miles ... More

19. Petrified Springs Connector Trail

This 1.8 mile paved trail parallels 12th St/CTH E and connects to Petrified Springs County Park to the West.