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Mt. Spokane - July-Oct Higher Elevation Hike to the peak.

A strenuous hike that takes you up to the peak of Mount Spokane via the steepest ski run, "No Alibi" - great views.
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 6 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This hike is short in distance, but its second mile will wear you out! Going off-trail up the No Alibi Ski Run, with undergrowth,... more »

Tips:  • If you are viewing this on the phone App - go online for web links to park resources, trail video, and 360º panorama interactive... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start at the intersection of Mt. Spokane Park Drive & N Summit Road

GPS navigation to parking area: 47.90487, -117.10225

Trail 131 starts across the road from the gravel parking lot. Goes right by the tan electrical box. First section goes by the park maintenance storage facilities.

FYI: There are restroom facilities at this location.

2. Trail 130

You start on Trail 131, which goes straight up to Bald Knob Campground (you return on that section). Trail 132 branches off and takes you to Trail 130. This is the trail that wraps around the 3/4 of the mountain. Its an easy hike on an old logging road. A nice warmup for the ascent up the ski run!

3. Hour Glass Ski Run

This is the first ski run you come to. You start seeing some nice long distance views. Click below (on the web interface) to go to a 360º Panoramic photo of this area. As you can see from the map, you are right below the sharp turn on N. Summit Road - keep this turn in mind, because you will see it again as you get right under the top of the... More

4. No Alibi Ski Run - start the ascent (read warning)

This hike more-or-less follows the first ski lift up to the peak. There is NO trail, you are hiking cross-country in at times heavy underbrush with uneven ground and some rock. I liken the angle to climbing up a ladder that's against the side of a house. At times 35º+/-. Lets just say its steep... but the views are well worth it. Plus, if you... More

5. At one with the mountain

Two reasons to do this hike: 1) be able to say you've done it, 2) for the views. As shown in the attached photos, there are some spectacular views and, being off trail, you feel like its just you and the mountain.

Click on the links for You Tube video's (go online to www.everytrail.com for these features).

6. Approaching the top

The worse of the undergrowth is toward the higher elevation. You will either notice the Vista House at the top or the turn in N. Summit Road below and to the right, both indications that you are higher than you might expect. You can see the red/white communication's tower, but because of its size, it is deceptive as a guide to how far up on the ... More

7. The TOP

You've made it - hopefully there are some tourists on the top to shake their heads at you wondering why you hiked up when you could just have driven! One day, they'll get it.

There are two vantage points on the top to visit - one is the stone Vista House, where you see into Canada, Idaho and Montana. The other is by the communication's towers... More

8. Trail 140 (old 135)

Unfortunately, as of July 2012, Trail 140 is in the worse shape of any hiking trail in the continental United States - well, at least its the worst shape I have come across any trail. After heavy sustained trail damage, it is now restricted to only hikers - ALTHOUGH, you still have bike tracks going down - so some mountain bikers are ignoring the... More

9. Civilian Conservation Corps Cabin

The CCC Cabin actually at one point served as the Park HQ. Today its main purpose is as a winter warming hut for cross-country skiers. It is also a great place to stop for lunch and overall a good place to know where is when hiking on Mt. Spokane. The Cabin is centrally located to a number of different hikes, so it serves as a convenient place ... More

10. Reconnect with Trail 130

From the CCC Cabin, you follow Trail 130 toward Bald Knob Campground. This section of Trail 130 is a real mountain hiking trail. It is the most "alpine" of all the trails on Mt. Spokane. Keep the camera out, you come across some great photo ops.

11. Bald Knob Campground

Trail 130 goes across the parking lot at Bald Knob Campground, the exits the area to the left of the picnic table shelter.

The rest of the trip down to the parking area is fairly self-explanatory. You come across Trail 131 which continues to take you down, where Trail 130 wraps around back toward the ski runs. If you were to miss the turn,... More