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Mt. Spokane Trail 100 - the training trail

A 7.8 mile hike out-and-back on Trail 100, from Mt. Spokane Park Drive/Summit Road to Smith Gap.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  • Hike Time: 2:54:55
• Distance: 7.80 miles
• Average Pace: 22:26 /mile
• Fastest Pace: 14:51 /mile
• Ascent/Descent: 1059 feet
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Tips:  If using the phone App: Go online for web links to maps & resources and trail video. www.everytrail.com

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Points of Interest

1. Trail Head

GPS navigation to trail head: 47.90469, -117.10289

The trail starts right at the intersection of Mt. Spokane Park Drive and Summit Road. Park in the winter gravel parking lot.

2. Wide trail

This first section of the trail is nice and wide. It provides some sun and is overall relaxing.

3. Steep trail

This is the area you have to be a little more careful in. There is considerable trail wear, be careful of some larger lose rock. Hiking, its not a big deal, just keep an eye out.

4. Changing vegetation

This section is mostly forest covered. You will notice the vegetation changing as you change elevation. You also hit the first stream crossing in this section.

5. Great picnic area

As you start to approach the "great picnic area" - down on Trail 110 and Mt. Kit Carson Loop road - there are some steeper sections with switchback. Watch your footing if it has been raining.

6. Trail intersection

In this area you meet up with Trail 110, which takes you up to Saddle Junction or down to the Entrance Trail Head parking lot.

7. Steams

This is the section where you hit all the streams. The lower section of Trail 100 has recently been upgraded, its a well groomed trail.

8. Lunch - half way there - Smith Gap

You've made it to Smith Gap, the end of Trail 100. There's a picnic table available and even restroom facilities.

This hike follows the same path back, but you will be surprised how it feels like a different trail when you are walking the other way. Trail 100 going this direction is also really nice in that it gives you a great elevation gain... More