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Mt. Spokane State Park - drive to the top of Mount Spokane

Drive to the top late-June to late-October. The guide also provides trail head information from various parking areas.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 12.6 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a guide for driving to the top of Mount Spokane and for showing the various hiking trail heads along the road to the top. ... more »

Tips:  If using the phone App: Go online for web links to maps & resources, trail video, and 360º panorama interactive photos.... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The approach to Mount Spokane

Mount Spokane State Park is the largest park in the Washington State Park's system. It offers year around outdoor fun, from winter skiing to summer hiking. Access does require a Washington State Discover pass.

Mount Spokane can be seen for hundreds of miles. On top of the mountain, you can see Washington, Idaho, Montana and Canada.

TRAIL HEADS: provides access to Trails 115 and 155 to the north
Trail 120 to the east.

Bear Creek Lodge has a restaurant and bar. Offers rooms and has limited RV and camping sites. It does also at times operate a beer garden. People often stop by on their way out of the park. If you want a relaxing place to stay, its worth checking out.

3. Park Entrance

Buy your Washington State Discover Pass here (annual or day use) - when they are open, check ahead. I do know both the Yokes in Mead on WA Route 2 and the Fred Meyer's Wandermere at 1220 Division Street sell Discover Passes 7 days a week.

This is also where you stop for general Park questions or concerns.

FYI - speed limit is 25 inside the... More

4. Entrance Trail Heads parking

TRAIL HEADS: Trail 110 north
Trails 120a and 120b east (old 121 and 122).

This is the disembarkment point for the full-day round trip hiking to Day Mountain and Mt. Kit Carson.

I see a lot of people stop at this first trail head, head off into the woods and turn around 1/4 mile up the 110 trail. Please note, this first section of Trail 110 is ... More

5. Lower Loop Road parking

TRAIL HEADS: The Kit Carson Loop road going west
Trail 100 going east & west
Trail 110 going north & south.

This is the most popular disembarkment point for hiking to Mt. Kit Carson and Day Mountain.

Looking for a great picnic area, STOP here!!! Follow the Kit Carson Loop road down to the intersection of Trail 100 and 110, this area... More

6. Scenic pull off

This area provides great southwest views toward Spokane. Its worth pulling off and getting the binoculars out.

7. Intersection of Mt. Spokane Park Drive and N. Summit Road

TRAILHEADS: Start of Trail 100 westward that takes you to Smith Gap (a good medium skill training trail of 3.9 miles).
Trail 131 with access to Bald Knob Campground and trails higher on the mountain.
Trail 120 south toward the Entrance Trail heads.

This is a winter parking area. There are restroom facilities.

8. Selkirk Lodge

TRAIL HEADS: Nordic ski trails, can be hiked. Access to Quartz Mountain.

This is the Nordic ski area, maintained by the Spokane Nordic Ski Education Foundation (http://www.spokanenordic.org/)

This is a great area for hiking or an outing with kids. Lots of different trails to chose, plus there is the Nova Hut - outfitted with picnic tables (a ... More

9. Bald Knob Campground

TRAIL HEADS: Trail 130 northwest and southeast.
Trail 131 south

Trail 130 provides one of the most spectacular alpine trail experiences on the mountain. Great views. Taking it northwest from Bald Knob campground is an easy hike suitable for any skill level. Bring binoculars and camera's. Take the trail out and back, its great for kids and... More

10. Upper Loop Road Trailhead - DRIVER WARNING

TRAIL HEADS: Upper Mt. Kit Carson Loop Road
Access to Trail 130 and Trail 140 (loops around the north side to the peak).

This parking area also provides easy access to the CCC Cabin - a warming hut that's scenically placed in the woods. Great destination when kids are along.

This is the highest snow gate on the mountain. Until opened in late ... More

11. Pull off

There is a pull off in this general area. A place to stop if you have to take a photo coming down.

12. Top of ski run

TRAIL HEADS: Trail 140 - takes you down the mountain. BIKERS - as of July 2013, Trail 140 is limited to hikers. Due to trail damage, mountain bikers are restricted from Trail 140 from the peak to Saddle Junction.

This is where you break out the binoculars. The Vista House is a great rock house. Super views north toward Canada and east toward... More

13. The TOP

You've made it to the top. Its a good place for a picnic, there are tables. There's also metal tubes that point toward different locations, such as towns. Although, it is highly recommended to bring a pair of binoculars along.

FYI, bug spray can be a good thing to have along. Often you find biting flies on top of mountains.

Pack out what... More