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Cape Meares

You'll see plenty of birds and a lighthouse you can walk inside of
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.5 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  You'll want to spend an afternoon at this wonderful park. From the viewing area you'll see many seabirds including cormorants, murres... more »

Tips:  Permits are not required.
Drive 10 miles west on Three Capes Scenic Highway from Tillamook off US 101. You'll see signs... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Cormorants

From the parking lot walk over to the viewing area to check out the birds nesting on the surrounding cliffs above the water. You'll be able to see nearby Three Arches Rocks off the shore as well. Keep your eye out for rare birds such as puffins!

From the parking lot walk the very obvious trail down the point of land to the lighthouse. There is a shop inside and you'll be able to climb up the staircase to the massive light at the top.

3. Octopus Tree

From the parking lot walk this short trail to an amazing tree! The tree has a circumference of 50 feet!

4. Loop trail along coast

From the parking lot take the only trail you haven't taken yet. It will bring you along the coast with great views and then into the woods and back across the the trailhead access road to an intersection.

5. Intersection

Head towards Big Spruce then return to here to head down to the water for a change of scenery.

6. Big Spruce Tree

Exactly as the POI says, a big friggin' spruce tree.

7. Rocky Shore

This trail will take you down many switchbacks over 500 feet to the rocky shoreline below.