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Coastal Bike Ride in Seaside

From the Seaside Visitor & Information Center to the Radio Tower and Tillamook Head

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 22.4 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  There are a few options for this ride.

You can do the whole route (POI's 1-14)

You can just go from the VB to the radio tower and... more »

Tips:  Please wear a helmet at all times, have lights on you bike and tell someone what your route is and what time to expect you back.

... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Seaside Visitor Bureau & Information Center

This is the start and end of the ride.

2. Rippet Road Junction

Take a right onto Rippet Rd and head left after the bridge when you reach it. after a few hundred feet go through the forestry gate marked "33" and continue up the hill.

3. Steep Climb

Stay to the right on the trail and head up a steep climb. Staying on your bike means that you will need to peddle hard on the hill. If you come off then get back on by heading across the incline before moving uphill again.

4. Seaside Radio Tower

Take a right on the trail to the two radio towers for a great view of the area.

5. Another Uphill Ride

After coming down from the radio tower take a right at the track junction and then a left to start heading uphill again. You will be bordered by close trees as you go on this section of the ride. A nice experience.

6. Point Decision

At this point you could head left down the steep descent back the the tough uphill climb junction, or continue right around the mountain for a longer ride and longer descent.

7. Hwy 101 Junction

Head left (North) on Hwy 101 passing for Seaside....

8. Follow Signs For Seaside

Be careful crossing the Hwy and especially where the road turns off for Portland as you will be carrying on across the junction to Seaside.

9. Beerman Creek Road - Hwy 101 Junction

Head right up Beerman Creek Rd to the forestry gate at the end of the road. The road rises up a steady incline after the bridge.

10. Forestry Gate

Go through the forestry gate and head onto gravel surface.

11. Necanicum Mainline Junction

Head left onto the Necanicum Mainline for a fairly long steady climb to the top of the hill. The trail is undulating in places but generally heads uphill prior to a fairly good drop on good surface to the Lewis & Clark Mainline. Prior to reaching the L&C ML you will see the Campbell Group forestry building.

12. Campbell Group Forestry Building - Lewis & Clark Junction

As you near the Lewis & Clark Mainline you will see the forestry building to your right. The building is not at the junction itself but can be used as a reference point. Head left at the junction...

13. Lewis and Clark Rd Junction

Go through the forestry gate then head left onto Lewis and Clark Rd (2 lane hwy). Head up the incline to the crest, then sit back for a long descent to Lewis and Clark/Wahanna Rd junction

14. Wahanna Rd Junction

Take a left onto Wahanna at the stop sign and continue along until you reach Broadway.