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Discover Seaside Trail

Do you like to play detective? Perfect for a family adventure, these photos clues are near your current locations!

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Your GPS location will help you with this guide but it's also meant to be an adventure. To find Seaside's treasures on this quest,... more »

Tips:  A good set of walking shoes and a little patience is all that's needed for this walking adventure. You might need an appetite to... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Nope, not a cannon ball?

Take a salty detour off of the prom (your current location) towards the direction where Lewis & Clark came from to find this old treasure.

2. Think, play!

This spot (near your current location) marks the land of one of the "funnest," most fascinating corners in Seaside.

3. Another place to play!

The beach isn't the only ground to play on in Seaside. Watch where you walk when you play at this location east of the highway (and information center where you currently reside) and west of Neawanna Creek.

4. Old shopping district

A stroll through this area (one of Seaside's oldest shopping districts) will help you see the big picture.

5. End of the line, err... trail?

It's the end of the line, err... trail for these three famous explorers. But, who "nose" if you'll turn around and find this clue near your current location.

6. Timbers?

Shiver me timbers, is that Moby Dick? Find out for yourself by taking a walk, not off the plank but up the Prom a few blocks north of the Turnaround.

7. This won't be smooth!

You might have bumped into this colorful contraption while out for some fun in downtown Seaside. You've been walking for a while now so consider sitting down and going for a spin near your current location.

8. A sweet location!

Keep your chin up as you continue west along Broadway and don't waffle when it comes to this sweet location on Broadway - east of the prom.

9. Sea-faring creatures!

Here, surrounded on all sides by the bounty of many traders, you can take a spin on one of Poseidon's favorite sea-faring creature or, if you prefer, a perfectly portly pig. You are currently close to the finish line, just don't spin around too much looking for this final location.