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Sutton Creek Dunes

Many loop options with a total of about 5 miles of trails available. This will follow a figure-8 route.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a fun figure eight loop that starts at a nice vista over the dunes and Sutton creek, then follows the creek to return via some... more »

Tips:  A Northwest Forest Pass is required to park here. $5 for a day or $30 annual.

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Points of Interest

1. Holman Vista Viewing Deck

A nice viewing area over the dunes and Sutton Creek.

2. Follow the River Through The Woods

Start the hike by following the trail from the parking lot towards Sutton Creek. Follow this trail as it follows the creek along the dunes and then dives into the woods. Keep your eye out for small snakes (don't worry, they won't hurt you), snails, newts, etc.

3. Very Cool Tree

Check out this cool tree that grows up, then back into the ground, then back up again!

4. Trail Junction

When you come to a bridge over the creek continue on the trail that follows near the road. This will bring you on a longer loop that returns you to your vehicle through massive sand dunes.

5. Restroom

Restroom break if you need it. Continue through the campround following the road.

6. Cross Sutton Creek

Cross Sutton Creek via a bridge and continue onward through the woods. You'll soon be approaching the dunes.

7. Cool Rope Swing

Have some fun on the rope swing, letting loose into the soft sand below. From here take a left and head on down the sandy trail.

8. A Very Sandy Trail

By now you've noticed the trail is pretty sandy and if you have shoes on they are probably full of sand. Feel free to walk barefoot here for a while.

9. Alder Dunes

Check out the sweeping Alder Dunes in front of you!

10. Take a right!

Instead of taking the trail back along the river again just follow the trail close to the road as a shortcut back to your vehicle.