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New Growth Trail Loop

This BRAND NEW trail complements the nearby Old Growth Trail and shows the stark difference between the two.
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 1.1 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  The brand new addition to the Mcdonald-Dunn Forest, the New Growth Trail is a mile loop through Douglass fir regrowth forest. It is an... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead Signs

Lots of info about the forest and the research activities going on throughout the area.

2. Happy Foresters Mural

The "everybody smiling" artists conception of all the activities in the forest, from logging to hiking to birds in the trees.

3. Trail Map

The trails of the Lewisburg Saddle area.

4. Davies Road

Follow the Davies Rd. side of the loop to the trailhead.

5. New Trail Marker

This trail is so new that there are no official markers installed yet.

6. Brown Trail Sign

These signs sprout at trailheads and intersections throughout the forest.

7. New Gravel Trail

This section of the trail is all new gravel surface. It's so new it feels soft and springy.

8. Forestry Sign

This temporary sign explains the forest management research going on in this area.

9. Moss and Ferns

Get ready for lots of soft moss and new ferns - you're going to see a LOT of them.

10. Shady Flowers

These little yellow flowers spring up throughout the moist parts of the forest in the spring.

11. Big Stumps

Proof that this area was once old-growth forest, there are big stumps hidden in the new young trees.

12. Stream

This little stream sneaks up out of nowhere. At least it's a place to let the dogs cool off with a drink.

13. Bridge

Theres a little bridge over the stream to keep your feet out of the mud.

14. Unfinished Trail

This section is still pretty fresh - there's no coat of gravel on the surface yet.

15. New/Old Growth Trail Junction

This corner is the junction of the old growth and new growth trails.

16. Tall Firs and Broad Maples

The towering Douglass firs don't shade out the understory of big-leaf maple in this forest.

17. Junction Sign

The trail rejoins the Davies Rd. and returns to the parking area.